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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


pArmannu thol pugazhp pallavar kOn paNindha
paramEchchura viNNagar mEl
kArmannu nIL vayal mangaiyar tham thalaivan
kali kanRi kunRAdhu uraiththa
sIrmannu sendhamizh mAlai vallAr
thirumAmagaL than aruLAl ulagil
thEr mannarAy oli mAkadal sUzh
sezhunIr ulagANdu thigazhvargaLE

Word-by-Word meanings

pAr – On earth
mannu – firmly remained
thol – ancient
pugazh – having fame
pallavarkOn – pallava king
paNindha – surrendered
paramEchchura viNNagara mEl – on paramESvara viNNagaram
kAr – dark
mannu – remaining firmly
niL – vast
vayal – having fertile field
mangaiyar tham – for thirumangai region
thalaivan – king
kalikanRi – thirumangai AzhwAr
kunRAdhu – not minimising any of the qualities
uraiththa – mercifully spoke
sIr – bhagavAn’s qualities
mannu – remaining firm
sem – beautiful
thamizh mAlai – thamizh garland
vallAr – those who can learn with meanings
thirumAmagaL than – periya pirAttiyAr’s
aruLAl – by mercy
ualagil – in this world
thEr – mahAratha (great charioteers)
mannarAy – being kings
oli – resounding
mA kadal – by huge ocean
sUzh – being surrounded
sezhu – beautiful
nIr – having water
ulagu – earth
ANdu – rule over
thigazhvargaL – will shine.

Simple translation

thirumangai AzhwAr, the king of thirumangai region which is having huge fertile field which is remaining dark (well grown), mercifully spoke this beautiful garland of ten pAsurams without minimising any of the qualities of poetry, on paramESvara viNNagaram which was attained by pallava king who had ancient, firm fame on earth. Those who can learn these pAsurams which are firmly filled with bhagavAn’s qualities, with their meanings, will remain as kings who are great charioteers, and shiningly rule over earth which is surrounded by resounding ocean filled with beautiful water.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

pAr … – On paramESvara viNNagara, where pallava king who had ancient, well established fame on earth, surrendered.

kAr … – The town has pregnant fields [dark – well grown]. Just as mukthAthmAs will always remain 25 years old. It is said in periya thirumozhi 10.1.1 “karunel sUzh kaNNamangai” (thirukkaNNamangai which is surrounded by dark paddy crops).

kunRAdhu … – Whatever qualities mentioned for poetry, there is no shortcoming in any of that; those who are well versed in the thamizh garland which was mercifully composed in such manner; by the grace of periya pirAttiyAr, they will be great charioteer kings in this world and rule over the earth which is surrounded by ocean.

thigazhvargaLE – Will become radiant. To not waste such wealth/control, they will get to use them for the sake of bhAgavathas just as AzhwAr did.

Thus, with this decad, it is explained that since this dhivyadhESam is dear to sarvESvaran, it is refuge and it is refuge for all. That is – only those who have noble qualities such as Samam, dhamam etc are qualified to surrender; this abode is such that even those who are without such qualities, will humbly surrender here.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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