thiruviruththam – 7 – gyAlam panippa

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Full Series Previous avathArikai (Introduction) The leading man had told the leading lady that he will return once the monsoon starts. Since he did not return, though monsoon had set in, the lady starts feeling sorrowful. The lady’s friend, to console the lady who suffers after seeing the change of season and in order to make her sustain herself in separation, tells the lady “this is not the season that he had said that he would come by”, thus bewildering the lady into believing that it is not the monsoon time. She tells the lady that these are not clouds in the sky but they are dark coloured bulls which, due to the enmity between them, have risen to the sky since there isn’t sufficient space on the ground for them to fight with each other. The friend denies arrival of monsoon just as those [bhaudhdhas] who deny existence of world by saying that the world which we see with our eyes does not exist. They will say that neither the world nor emperumAn exists. However, the friend says that though monsoon has not arrived, emperumAn exists, as does the world. Is it appropriate to tell a lie like this [denying that monsoon has arrived]? If she had not said this, the leading lady may not live due to separation from her leading man. If she does not live, emperumAn (the leading man) too would not live and with him, the entire wealth [of both spiritual realm and materialistic realm] would become nonexistent. Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings: gyAlam panippach cheRuththu nannIrittuk kAl sidhaindhu neela vallERu poRA ninRa vAnam idhu thirumAL kOlam sumandhu pirindhAr kodumai kuzhaRu thaN pUm kAlam kolO aRiyEn vinaiyAttiyEn kANginRavE Word-by-Word Meanings idhu – this neelam – darkening val – very strong ERu – bulls gyAlam – earth panippa – to tremble seRuththu – becoming angry nal nIr – the exulting water ittu – copiously increasing kAl sidhaindhu – clawing with their feet poRA ninRa – fighting vAnam – sky (had it not been there) vinaiyAttiyEn – I, with lot of sins kANginRa – seeing idhu – this thirumAL – consort of SrI (mahAlakshmi) kOlam – decoration sumandhu – to bear pirindhAr – those who separated kodumai – the cruelty (of their sorrow) kuzhaRum – saying incoherently thaN – cool pU – beautiful kAlangolO – is it the (rainy) season aRiyEn – I am not sure  Simple Translation (Looking at the monsoon clouds) Are these the skies which appear like bulls which are raring to fight with each other with anger, such that the world trembles, letting out the water from their bodies and scratching the ground with their hoofs? (Or) Are these the cool, beautiful clouds during rainy season which have taken the bluish divine complexion of sarvESvaran, who is the consort of pirAtti, revealing his cruelty due to separation? I, having lot of sins, am unable to know this (she says that looking at the leading lady’s sorrowful state is due to her sins) vyAkhyAnam gyAlam panippach cheRuththu – the leading lady tells her friend “You could see the entire world trembling on account of the chilly wind and rain, blasting here”. The friend tells the lady “It is not like that. This isn’t the rainy season at all. The world is trembling on seeing two bulls which are fighting with each other fiercely” seRuththu – standing with anger nannIr ittu – since it had been raining for a while, all the dirt had been wiped off the ground and plenty of pure water has got collected which could be drunk. Looking at that, the lady asks her friend “What is the reason for such copious amount of water?” The friend responds saying “Since these are distinguished bulls which are fighting with each other, water gets generated out of their anger, due to their sweat” kAl sidhaindhu – this is interpreted in two ways: kAl could mean either wind or feet. The lady tells her friend that the wind has stopped and it is raining heavily. The friend tells the lady that it is not like that; since the bulls are fighting with anger, they scratch the surface of earth with their hooves and feet. neela vallERu poRA ninRa vAnam idhu – the friend tells the lady ”Don’t we see only the sky in which two bulls, which are dark and strong, are fighting with each other? If these are clouds, by now, wouldn’t they have become white in colour, after raining for such a long time?” thirumAl kOlam sumandhu neela vallERu poRA ninRa vAnam idhu – why is the friend saying this? She thinks that if she were to keep saying only false things, the friend may not believe her. Hence she feigns as if she too is doubting whether it is monsoon. It could also be taken to mean that the friend is saying this in order to convince the lady that since it is monsoon time, the leading man will come soon. thirumAL kOlam sumandhu pirindhAr kodumai kuzhaRu – the clouds, assuming the complexion of emperumAn, are telling the lady “We have come without fail, during this rainy season. But emperumAn has not come yet”. In other words, they are telling her about his faults. thaN pUm kAlangolO aRiyEn – I do not know whether it is the cool, beautiful time, implying that this is the time to be united happily with the leading man. vinaiyAttiyEn kANginRavE – what is the reason for this situation? It cannot be said that he is the type who gives up on those who desire him or those who he desires; it cannot be said that the leading lady is not desiring him; it cannot be said that this is not the time for him to come; and it cannot be said that she will not attain him. What else can be the reason? Only reason is that it is because of my (the friend’s) sins; math pApamEva nimiththam. In other words, the friend says “Seeing this sorrowful condition of my leading lady is only due to my sin”. swApadhEsam (distinguished meaning): Looking at the sorrowful condition of AzhwAr in separation from emperumAn, it becomes pertinent on the part of SrIvaishNavas to sustain him even if they have to tell lies that something doesn’t exist [in this case, saying that the monsoon season has not arrived]. In the next article, we will take up the 8th pAsuram. adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan archived in pramEyam (goal) – pramANam (scriptures) – pramAthA (preceptors) – SrIvaishNava education/kids portal –

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

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adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan archived in pramEyam (goal) – pramANam (scriptures) – pramAthA (preceptors) – SrIvaishNava education/kids portal –

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