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thArAr naRumAlai katturaiththAL katturaiyA                     23
nIrEdhum anjEnmin num magaLai nOy seydhAn
ArAnum allan aRindhEn avanai nAn                                  24

Word by Word Meanings

thiru thuzhAy thAr Ar naRumAlai katturaiththAL – she showed through gestures, the fragrant garland made with divine thuLasi flowers
katturaiyA – thus, having shown all these through gestures (she said through spoken words)
nIr Edhum anjElmin – “You do not have to be afraid”
num magaLai nOy seydhAn – the one who had caused (this) disease for your daughter
ArAnum allan – he is not some lowly deity
avanai nAn aRindhEn – I have found out as to who is that person (who had hurt parakAla nAyagi)


thiruththuzhAy thArAr naRumAlai katturaiththAL – to reveal that he is the lord of both  the realms, has he not donned the fragrant thuLasi garland which emits fragrance in both material realm and spiritual realm? She showed that incomparable garland [through gestures]. Just as it has been mentioned in periya thirumozhi 6-5-10 “thAmath thuLaba nINmudi mAyan” (the supreme being who has the garland made of divine thuLasi on his long crown), is it not on this emperumAn, who is often spoken of by her, that she is waging a madal?

All the identifications described until now (starting from vErA vidhirvidhirA), have been shown by the fortune-teller through gestures. Now, she starts speaking . . .

katturaiyA – After speaking within herself, she is now speaking aloud. This should be taken till the 53rd verse which will be mentioned further “nummagaLaith thIrA nOy seydhAn ena uraiththAL”. All the verses in-between have been spoken by the hilly tribal woman.

nIr Edhum anjEnmin – Don’t be afraid that some lowly deity such as karuppan, ,kAttEri, muniyan et al has possessed her. No other deity has possessed her. There is no need for you to be fearful.

num magaLai nOy seydhAn ArAnumallannum magaLai – once she became ill, you have forgotten her; is it possible for a daughter born of you to be troubled by any lowly deity?

ArAnum allan – neither a dog nor a jackal has pounced on her. Just as it has been mentioned in SrImadh bhAgavatham “gOmAyuvan mrugapathEr balim” (just as a jackal seizes the kill of a lion) and in nAchchiyAr thirumozhi 1-5 “kAnidaith thirivadhOr nari pugundhu kadappadhum mOppadhum seyvadhoppa” (a jackal which roams in the forest cannot seize or smell the lofty offering made to celestial entities), she has not gone down to the level of being troubled by a lowly deity.

aRindhEn avanai nAn – Unlike trying to ascertain through one’s efforts and failing, just as it is mentioned in thaiththirIya upanishath Anandhavalli ”yathO vAchO nivarthanthE” (from whom the words return without knowing about that entity), I learnt about him with the knowledge bestowed upon, by him.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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