periya thirumadal – 9 – pinnaith than nAbi

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pinnaith than nAbi valayaththup pEroLisEr
manniya thAmarai mAmalarpUththammalar mEl       9

Word by word meaning

than nAbi valayaththu – in the region of his navel
pEr oLi sEr – being with great radiance
manniya thAmarai mAmalar pUththu – making the forever indestructible lotus flower to blossom
a malar mEl – atop that lotus flower


than nAbi valayaththu – just as bhUmaNdalam (earth) is referred to as bhUvalayam (the region of earth), the region of navel present in emperumAn’s divine form is referred to as nAbhivalayam to signify its greatness.

pEroLi sEr manniya thAmarai mAmalar pUththu – the great radiance of such lotus (navel) which is far greater than the radiance of the entire world created by it.

manniya thAmarai mAmalar pUththu – in the world, when the potter starts making pots from mud, the quantum of mud, which is the cause for the pots, will start decreasing as he goes on making pots, which are the effect. Ultimately, when all the pots have been made, there will be no mud at all. However, this lotus, which is the cause for creation of all the worlds, will remain without getting lessened, without getting destroyed and be present forever, when the worlds created by it start growing more and more.  When the word manniya (firmly, forever) is used as the adjective for lotus, this is the meaning which we get. Instead of this, if we rearrange the verse to get manniya pEroLi sEr thAmari mAmalar pUththu it would mean that the great radiance of this lotus is permanent (forever).

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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