periya thirumadal – 20 – manniya singAsanaththin

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manniya singAsanaththin mEl vANedungaN
kanniyarAlitta kavarippodhi avizhndhu Angu                              21
inniLam pUndhenRal iyanga marungirundha

 Word by word meaning

manniya singa Asanaththin mEl –  on top of the throne which is staying firmly (being seated)
vAL negungaN – having eyes which are sharp like a sword
kanniyarAl itta – fanned by celestial women
kavarippodhi avizhndhu – the bundle of chowry (fly-whisk) blossoming (nearby)
in iLa pU thenRal iyanga – sweet, gentle and fragrant southerly wind wafting in
marungu irundha – being nearby


manniya singAsanaththin mEl – on top of the throne, which, because it allows one to sit on it a bit longer than it would on the earth, is termed as staying firmly.

vAL nedungaN – this speaks about the pleasures that one has with the celestial ladies.

vAL kaN – those who have eyes which will make the people facing them to fall down, by a mere glance, just as a sword would do.

nedungaN – even if one enjoys them forever, they will appear as if they have fresh beauty in their eyes.

kanniyarAl itta kavarip podhi avizhndhu – the chowry (fly whisk) which has been used by such ladies to fan, loosened out

Angu inniLam pUndhenRal iyanga – with a soft southerly breeze, carrying sweetness, gentleness and fragrance, wafting softly in that place

marungirundha – there are other celestial ladies who are at proximity to them. Just as one cannot oppose the flow of water, one cannot get close to such ladies who have an abundance of sweetness and can only enjoy them by the side.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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