periya thirumadal – 13 – thunnum ilaik kurumbai

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thunnum ilaikkurumbaith thunjiyum venjudarOn                                     13
mannum azhal nugarndhum vaN thadaththin utkidandhaum

Word by word meaning

thunnum ilaikkurumbaith thunjiyum – lying inside hermitages which are close to each other
venjudarOn – sun who has cruel rays
mannum azhal nugarndhum – eating (the sun’s) hot rays which are established firmly
vaN thadaththin utkidandhum – immersing in the bountiful ponds


thunnimilaik kurambaith thunjiyum – sleeping inside hermitages which are worn with closely knitted leaves. kurambai – house; ilakkurambai – hermitage (thatched house made of palm tree leaves or coconut tree leaves). When lying inside these thatched houses, the dust falling from the house will enter the eyes and create great distress; yet sleeping with such distress inside these hermitages. The word thunjudhal refers to both sleep and death. Since the sleep that he has inside these hermitages gives the pain which death gives, AzhwAr is using such a word here.

venjudarOn mannum azhal nugarndhum – eating the hot rays of sun who emits such cruel rays. mannum azhal – firm heat. Here, it refers to the fact that the hot rays of the sun enter his body and establish themselves firmly inside. This implies that the hot rays are not only the nourishing food for him, but also the sustaining water. He nurtures his body by eating wind and hot rays, not even taking water

vaN thadaththin utkidandhum – he is unfortunate not to enjoy the magnanimity of the pond. vaN thadam – magnanimous pond. The pond will beckon those who wish to enjoy it by telling them “please come”. Instead of entering the pond in the summer season, with womenfolk who he would desire, and engaging in water sports, he is immersing himself in the winter like a water bird, inside the pond, carrying out penance, having his body covered with moss.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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