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ennum ivaiyE nugarndhudalam thAm varundhi

Word by word meaning

ivaiyE nugarndhu – eating these two
udalam varundhi – tormenting the physical body


ennum ivaiyE nugarndhu udalam thAm varundhi – doesn’t one observe penance by eating the dried leaves and fruits which are without any juice? Since he is using the word ivaiyE, with the long syllable E at the end, it is clear that when one penance is completed and the next is begun, during the interregnum  too, normal food is not taken. This implies that the physical body should be continuously tormented.

nugarndhu – while eating (the dried fruits and leaves), enjoying them. Since there is desire in the end benefit, one should have deep affection for the means too. As a corollary, while eating the dried leaves and juiceless fruits, he relishes them as if he were eating very tasty food items.

udalam thAm varundhi – after having seen the desired entity (archchai deity), tormenting the physical form which is to be enjoyed here.

thAm varundhi – in this world, due to one’s karma (past deeds), one could go to lowly places and torment the physical body. Alternatively, yama et al could take this body to their worlds and torment it. AzhwAr says here that this person is tormenting the body himself and that it is not the torment created by someone else.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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