periya thiruvandhAdhi – 59 – mAdE varappeRuvArAm

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Since AzhwAr has ascertained with emperumAn that he would attain paramapadham, tells joyously “Could sins come anywhere near me!”

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

mAdE varappeRuvarAm enRE val vinaiyAr
kAdAnum AdhAnum kaikkoLLAr UdEpOyp
pErOdham sindhuthiraik kaN vaLarum pErALan
pErOdhach chindhikkap pErndhu

Word by Word Meanings

pEr Odham – huge ocean

thirai – (agitating) waves

UdE pOy sindhu – scattering, close-by

kaNvaLarum – reclining, as if sleeping

pErALan – one who has greatness

pEr Odha – to recite his divine names

sindhikka – the moment one thinks

valvinaiyAr – sins who are very powerful

pErndhu – leaving (us)

kAdAnum – either forest

AdhAnum – or some other place

kaikkoLLAr – they do not attain

mAdE – near us (just like before)

varap peRuvarAm enRE – is it due to the desire to attain us?


UdE pOy pErOdham sindhuthiraik kaNvaLarum pErALan pEr Odhach chindhikkap pErndhu val vinaiyAr kAdAnum AdhAnum kaikkoLLAr, mAdE varap peRuvarAm anRE – in the huge ocean of thiruppARkadal (milky ocean), emperumAn is reclining such that the agitating waves come and scatter on his divine form. Once we decide to recite the divine names of that emperumAn, who is reclining in the milky ocean with the ocean gently massaging him with its hands of waves, and who is biased towards his devotees, wouldn’t our sins leave us and attain some forest or mountain or ocean as their residence?

AzhwAr is asking whether the reason for their delaying this process is in line with their desire of staying near us.

Let us take up the 60th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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