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AzhwAr, who instructed others in the previous pAsuram solluvadhE sUdhu, tells in this pAsuram as to how he practiced it himself and the benefit that he is going to get out of it.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

sUdhAvadhu ennenjaththu eNNinEn sol mAlai
mAdhAya mAlavanai mAdhavanai yAdhAnum
vallavA sindhiththu iruppERku vaigundhaththu
illaiyO solleer idam

Word for Word Meanings

mAdhu Aya – one who is the epitome of beauty
mAlavanai – one who is infatuated with followers
mAdhavanai – about thirumAl (Sriman nArAyaNa)
solmAlai – these garlands of words
yAdhAnum valla A sindhiththu iruppERku – me who has the capability to meditate until I have the strength
vaigundhaththu idam illaiyO – is there no place in SrIvaikuNtam?
solleer – please say
sUdhu Avadhu – this is the most apt for us
en nenjaththu eNNinEn – I affirmed in my heart


sUdhAvadhu ennenjathu eNNinEn – I meditated in my mind about the deed that is apt to be carried out. Just as nammAzhwAr had mercifully mentioned in periya thiruvandhAdhi 53 “nin pugazhil vaigum tham sindhaiyilum maRRinidhO nI avarkku vaigundham enRaruLum vAn” (is the SrIvaikuNtam that you are granting to your devotees greater than the thoughts that they have about your greatness?) since thinking about emperumAn gives supreme bliss I kept thinking about this continuously in my mind.

What is that?

solmAlai vallavA sindhiththu…. – meditating on the prabandhams (divine hymns) which speak about the supreme being.

mAdhAya – the epitome of beauty. mAdhu – beauty.

Would he be beautiful outside, but very cruel inside?

mAlavanai – one who is the epitome of affection.

What is the basis for this beauty and affection?

mAdhavanai – the consort of lakshmi; mA – lakshmi; dhavan – lord. The opinion here is that it is her connection which makes him beautiful and affectionate.

yAdhAnum vallavA sindhdhiththu iruppERku – to me who keeps thinking about the SrIsukthis (divine hymns) about thirumAl (emperumAn) in one way or the other, to the extent possible.

vaigundhaththu illaiyO solleer idam – is there no place in SrIvaikuNtam? Please tell.

sindhiththu iruppERku vaigundhaththu illaiyO idam – Just as it is mentioned in SrI vishNu purANam 1-17-78 “AyAsa: smaraNena kO’sya smruthO yachchathi SObanam” (What is the difficulty in thinking about this supreme being? He grants benefits the moment one thinks about him) when emperumAn is with the simplicity mentioned, is there anything required to attain him other than thinking about him?

mAdhAya – being affectionate like a mother [alternative meaning].

If the text is mAyavanai instead of mAlavanai, the meaning would be – one who has amazing activities.

We will move on to the 66th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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