SrIranga gadhyam – 4th and 5th chUrNais

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

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avathArikai (Introduction)

In the previous chUrNai, bhagavadh SrI rAmAnuja had prayed for kainkaryam, with his own words. He wonders whether bhagavAn will hear a non-entity that he is and grant him his wish. Hence he prays using previously stated SlOkams (hymns), from ithihAsam (epics such as SrI rAmAyaNam and mahAbhAratham) recited by great people (rishis). He quotes them since he is not sure as to for what bhagavAn would show consideration and also because he has strong urge and craving for carrying out kainkaryam. Since these are SlOkams, we shall see both chUrNai 4 and chUrNai 5 in this part itself. First, the 4th chUrNai:

thavAnubhUthi sambhUtha prIthikAritha dhAsathAm!
dhEhi mE krupayA nAtha! na jAnE gathimanyathA II

Explanatory Notes

thavAnubhUthi sambhUtha prIthikAritha dhAsathAm dhEhi thava – your; anubhUthi – experience; sambhUtha – proceeding from; prIthi – love; kAritha – caused by; dhAsathAm – servitude; dhEhi – give. Please give the dhAsyarasam (the flavour of servitude) that has been brought about by the love which, in turn, was obtained from experiencing you.

mE – to me, who has nothing other than desire for carrying out kainkaryam.

krupayA nAthakrupaya – please; nAtha – master or protector. I am in a deep state of distress; hence you have to show mercy on me. Also, there is an inevitable (unbreakable) relationship between us – you are the master and protector and I am your subject. All the more reason that you must grant me my wish.

na jAnE gathimanyathA – na jAnE – do not know; gathi – path; anyathA – other. I do not know any other means for reaching you and carrying out kainkaryam to you. Hence you have to give me.

Let us now move on to the 5th chUrNai

sarvAvasthOchithASEsha SEshathaikarathis thava I
bhavEyam puNdarIkAksha! thvamEvaivam kurushva mAm II

sarvAvasthOchithASEsha SEshathaikarathis thava – sarva – all; avasthA – states; uchitha – proper; aSEsha – without leaving anything; SEshathaika – only serving; rathi – desire; thava – your.
You have to enable me to have the desire, for carrying out all kainkaryams, without leaving anything, in all states.

bhavEyam puNdarIkAksha –  bhava – happen; iyam – this; puNadIkAksha – lotus-eyed. Oh lotus-eyed bhagavAn, make this (creating desire in me for carrying out kainkaryam to you) happen. By your mere glance, you have to make me have this desire.

thvamEvaivam kurushva mAm thvam – you; Evam – only; ivam – this; kurushva – make; mAm – to me.

I do not have anything in me and look up to you for having my desires fulfilled. Hence you have to grant me the desire to carry out kainkaryam to you.

We shall now move on to the 6th chUrNai.

Translation by krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan.

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