nAchchiyAr thirumozhi – 1.4 – suvaril purANa nin

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavara munayE nama:

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avathArikai (Introduction) – She explains her distress in this pAsuram

suvaril purANa nin pEr ezhudhich chuRavanaR kodi(k)kaLUm thurangangaLum
kavarip piNAkkaLUm karuppu villum kAttiththandhEn kaNdAy kAmadhEvA
avaraip pirAyam thodangi enRum Adhariththu ezhundha en thada mulaigaL
thuvaraip pirAnukkE sangaRpiththuth thozhudhuvaiththEn ollai vidhikkiRRiyE

Word-by-Word Meanings

purANa – Oh, one who has been around for a long time
suvaril – on the walls
nin – your
pEr – divine names
ezhudhi – writing them
suRavam – drawn with fish such as shark
nal – good
kodigaLum – flags made of cloth
thurangangaLum – horses
kavari – chowry (fly-flapper)
piNAkkaLum – women
karuppu villum – sugarcane, in the form of a bow
kAththithandhEn kaNdAy – see, I made them belong to you
avaraip pirAyam thodangi – starting from my childhood days
enRum – always focussed
Adhariththu – with desire
ezhundha – rising up
en – my
thada – well grown
mulaigaL – bosoms
thuvaraippirAnukkE – only for kaNNan, the lord of dhvArakA
sangaRpiththu – taking an oath
thozhudhu vaiththEn – I had worshipped
ollai – immediately
vidhikkiRRi – you should ordain me

Simple Translation

Oh manmathan, who has been around for a long time [famous for uniting lovers who had got separated! [Lest I forget you, once I unite with krishNa] I had written your name on the walls [of my heart]. I had proffered several materials for you, in my thoughts, such as flags with shark drawn on them, horses, women carrying fly-flappers [to create gentle breeze for you] and sugarcane, in the form of a bow. From my childhood days, I had taken an oath that my huge bosoms have risen only for kaNNan. {As a result] I worship them. You should ordain that I should immediately unite with emperumAn.

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

purANa! suvaril nin pEr ezhudhi(purANa) – Oh one who had earned fame for a long time that you unite people who had got separated!

suvaril nin pEr ezhudhi – writing your name on the walls. Though she is taking refuge under kAman due to the haste in uniting with emperumAn, isn’t ANdAL one who has the nature of forgetting kAman once she unites with kaNNan! Hence, in order not to forget him like that, she is writing his name on a wall. Just as it has been said in nAnmugan thiruvandhAdhi 63ezhudhi vAsiththum kEttum vaNangi vazhipattum pUsiththum pOkkinEn pOdhu” (I spent my time by writing about you [emperumAn], reading, hearing, bowing down, carrying out thiruvArAdhanam (divine worship) and worshipping you), she is carrying out all the activities which were to be performed for emperumAn, in matters related to kAman.

suRava naRkodigaLum – since kAman has shark as his flagstaff, she is proffering a flag with shark in it, through her thoughts. Her position had changed from being beholden to garudadhvajan (one who has garuda as his flagstaff [emperumAn] to one who has shark as his flagstaff. The word suRavam refers to shark.

thurangangaLum – I proffered you a horse too, so that it would aid you in uniting those who had separated, faster. She, who should have thought of the horses which were drawing kaNNan’s chariot, was thinking of horses for kAman.

kavarip piNAkkaLum – she says that she proffered him women too, who were employed for swinging the chowry (fly-flapper). The term piNA refers to a lady’s name. She, who used to think of vimalai, the lady who was swinging the chowry for emperumAn, is now thinking of women who were engaged for swinging chowries for kAman.

karuppu villum – she says that she also proffered him sugarcane, which is kAman’s bow. Instead of worshipping Sarngam, emperumAn’s divine bow, just as it has been mentioned in thiruppallANdu 12SArngam ennum villANdAn” (one who was ruling over the bow, SArngam), she is thinking of sugarcane, which is kAman’s bow.

kAttith thandhEn kaNdAy – she says “May you think that she has proffered everything which she had thought of in her mind to submit to me”. Since she is in the habit of proffering, during the time of thiruvArAdhanam(divine worship) to emperumAn, materials such as emperumAn’s vehicle, flag, chowry etc, she is proffering similar materials for kAman.

kAmadhEvA – She says that “my position has become such that, in order to attain emperumAn, I am falling at the feet of his son [kAman, viz. manmathan is emperumAn’s son], who is also my son”.

avaraip pirAyam thodangi – she has been having the desire to embrace emperumAn from her childhood days, just as it has been said of lakshmaNa that he was devoted towards SrI rAma right from his infancy days, as mentioned in SrI rAmAyaNam bALa kANdam 18-27 “bAlyAth prabhruthi susnigdhO lakshmaNO lakshmivardhana: l rAmasya lOkarAmasya bhrAthur jyEShtasya nithyaSa: ll” (lakshmaNa, who was filled with the wealth of devotion, and who makes all the worlds happy, had deep affection towards his elder brother SrI rAma, right from his days of infancy).

enRum Adhariththu ezhundha en thadamulaigaL – being affectionate towards him always, with that affection itself acting as a manure for them, my divine bosoms have become huge for him to enjoy; even if he, who is the fit person to enjoy them, tries, he cannot enjoy them fully, since they are that huge.

thuvaraip pirAnukkE sangaRpiththu – just as ANdAL herself says in nAchchiyAr thirumozhi 7-9 “padhinARAmAyiram dhEvimAr” (sixteen thousand consorts), her bosoms are awaiting emperumAn alone, who enjoyed sixteen thousand consorts, to enjoy them.

thozhudhu vaiththEn – I worshipped these huge bosoms. After I had taken a vow that they are only for him, aren’t they to be worshipped, just like his qualities [since they belong to him]? Hence, there is no deficiency in worshipping them.

ollai vidhikkiRRIyE – you have now seen my distressed condition. Before these bosoms start withering, you should unite me with him.

We shall take up the 5th pAsuram of this decad, next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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