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Essence of thiruvAimozhi 9.2


In this pAsuram, mAmunigaL is following AzhwAr’s pAsurams of seeking to perform all bandhu kruthyam (service done by all relatives) to bhagavAn and is mercifully explaining it.

Thinking “for such sarvESvara who is all types of relatives to me, I should perform the service done by all the relatives”, AzhwAr [mentallly] went to  thiruppuLingudi, and without anyone knowing about it, prayed for lots and lots of kainkaryam to kAysina vEndhan emperumAn who is mercifully reclining there along with pirAtti, saying “Open your divine lips and speak sweet words, open your divine eyes widely and give a cool glance, place your divine feet on my head as a decoration, pirAtti and you should be mercifully seated on the divine throne and you should mercifully walk around in front of us to make us dance joyfully”. How is that done? mAmunigaL mercifully explains this principle explained in “paNdai nALAlE” starting with “paNdai uRavAna“.


paNdai uRavAna paranai puLingudikkE
kaNdu enakku ellA uRavin kAriyamum thaNdaRa nI
seydharuL enRE irandha sIr mARan thAL iNaiyE
uy thuNai enRuLLamE Or


word-by-word meanings

paNdai uRavAna paranai – emperumAn who has eternal relationship
puLingudikkE kaNdu – having worshipped in thiruppuLingudi
enakku – for me
ellA uRavin kAriyamum – tasks relating to all types of relationships
thaNdu aRa nI seydhu aruL enRu – you should grant me, without a break
irandha – prayed
sIr mARan – SrI SatakOpa’s
thAL iNaiyE – both divine feet only
uy thuNai enRu – help for us to be uplifted
uLLamE – Oh heart!
Or – think.

Simple Translation

AzhwAr, having worshipped emperumAn in thiruppuLingudi, prayed to him, who has eternal relationship, saying “you should grant me the tasks relating to all types of relationships, without a break”. Oh heart! Think of both the divine feet of such SrI SatakOpa as the help for us to be uplifted.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam

  • paNdai uRavAna paranai – bhagavAn who is greater than all and is having eternal relationship as said in thiruvAimozhi 5.7.7ulagukkOr
    mundhaith thAy thanadhaiyE! muzhu Ezh ulagum uNdAy“, periya thirumozhi 11.6.6 “thAyirukkum vaNNamE ummaith than vayiRRiruththi uyyak koNdAn” (emperumAn, as a mother, placed you all in his stomach and protected you) and thiruvAimozhi 9.1.1eNdhisaiyum kIzhum mElum muRRavum uNda pirAn” (great benefactor who mercifully consumed the earth with all its directions, the nether words, the higher worlds and everything). Alternatively, bhagavAn who is greater than all, who is having nine types of relationships as revealed in thirumanthram which is being explained starting with thiruvAimozhi 8.8kaNgaL sivandhu“.
  • puLingudikkE kaNdu – As said in “thiruppuLingudik kidandhAnE” (reclining in thiruppuLingudi) [1st pAsuram], seeing thiruppuLingudi. Just as said in thiruvAimozhi 2.9.4en manakkE” (in my heart only), AzhwAr is thinking “puLingudikkE” (only in thiruppuLingudi).
  • enakku ellA uRavin kAriyamum – For me who is said in “kudi kudi vazhi vandhAtcheyyum thoNdar” (doing apt services since long ago as per family traditions) [1st pAsuram], “vazhi varuginRa adiyar” (devotees who are following the path of pArathanthriyam without fail) [2nd pAsuram] and “tholladimai vazhi varum thoNdar” (devotees doing confidential services and coming in the path of servitude since time immemorial ) [3rd pAsuram], all tasks relating to all types of relationships as said in SrI rAmAyaNam ayOdhyA kANdam 101.12 “bhrAthu: Sishyasya dhAsasya” (brother who is both a disciple and servitor).
  • thaNdaRa nI seydhu aruL enRE irandha – Saying “without a delay” or “without being instigated by anyone else (i.e. on your own accord)”; praying “your highness should mercifully accept all of these types of services from me without any break”. That is, requesting emperumAn to invite AzhwAr and facilitate AzhwAr’s self realisation, various ways of enjoying the goal etc as said in
    • “sOdhivAyth thiRandhun thAmaraik kaNgaLAl nOkkAy” (Open your radiant mouth and speak, and glance with your lotus eyes) [1st pAsuram]
    • nin pAdha pangayamE thalaikkaNiyAy” (make your lotus feet as decoration on my head) [2nd pAsuram]
    • nI ezhundhun thAmarai mangaiyum nIyum idangoL mUvulagundhozha irundharuLAy” (Be mercifully seated here with your inseparable divine consort SrI mahAlakshmi who is having enjoyability due to being born in flower and is youthful, to be seen and enjoyed by the vast three-layered world) [3rd pAsuram]
    • kanivAy sivappa nI kANa vArAyE” (you should mercifully walk towards us to be seen and enjoyed by us, by manifesting the reddishness in your friendly lips which appear like a coral creeper) [4th pAsuram]
    • nin thirukkaN thAmarai thayanga ninRaruLAy” (you should mercifully stand revealing your joy with your beautiful divine lotus like eyes shining) [5th pAsuram]
    • kAy sinap paRavai Urndhu pon malaiyin mImisaik kArmugilpOl mAsina mAli mAli mAn enRu angavar padakkananRu mun ninRa kAy sina vEndhE! kadhir mudiyAnE! kali vayal thiruppuLingudiyAy! kAy sina Azhi sangu vAL vil thaNdhEndhi emmidar kadivAnE” (emperumAn riding the very angry periya thiruvadi resembles a dark cloud lying atop the golden mountain of great mEru; he is carrying the five divine weapons which are having anger which resembles the fire of death upon enemies, and is standing with great anger in front of those well-known demons such as the angry mAli, the great sumAli, to kill them; he is being the lord who is having anger which burns the enemies, and who is having the divine crown which is shining due to the destruction of enemies, and who is residing in thiruppuLingudi which is having abundant fields; oh one who is there to eliminate our sorrow of being unable to enjoy! Implies, he should mercifully be present with that vAhana (vehicle), weapons and divine crown, and the shining divine eyes, to be seen by me!) [6th pAsuram]
    • immadavulagar kANa nI oru nAL irundhidAy engaL kaN mugappE” (You should mercifully reside in front of our eyes at least one day, for us to see the celebration of nithyasUris, your distinguished devotees, to identify them as “our people”, and for us to be pleased and joyful to have affection in our heart, and for the ignorant residents of this world to see) [7th pAsuram]
    • irundhidAy vIRRidangoNdE” (You should mercifully remain for one day in front of us in this thiruppuLingudi in the vast, praiseworthy earth, to have your supremacy well manifested) [8th pAsuram]
    • vadiviNai illA malar magaL maRRai nila magaL pidikkum mel adiyai kodu vinaiyEnum pidikka nI oru nAL kUvudhal varudhal seyyAyE” (You should either call me there or mercifully come here one day to let me, who is having great sin, to massage your very tender divine feet which are massaged by SrImahAlakshmi who resides in lotus, who is having great beauty, for which even your beauty is not a match and SrI bhUmip pirAtti who is having similar greatness) [10th pAsuram]. One who prayed for such tasks.
  • sIr mARan – One who has the wealth of kainkaryam; one who has the qualities such as bhakthi (devotion) etc; such AzhwAr’s divine feet.
  • uy thuNai enRu uLLamE Or – Oh heart! Think about them as the companion which would lead to uplifting rather than leading to destruction.

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