thiruvAimozhi nURRandhAdhi – 46 – kadal gyAlaththu

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Essence of thiruvAimozhi 5.6


In this pAsuram, mAmunigaL is following AzhwAr’s pAsurams of sustaining himself through anukAram (enacting) and is mercifully explaining it.

How is that done? In thiruvAimozhi 5.5 “enganEyO“, AzhwAr experienced both pleasure and pain and he had the scope for sustaining himself with the pleasure, but due to misfortune, pain became prominent and AzhwAr could not sustain himself without attaining emperumAn; AzhwAr tries to sustain himself by enacting ubhayavibhUthinAthan (lord of both spiritual and material realms) just as gOpikAs sustained themselves by enacting krishNa; seeing this, those who care for AzhwAr became teary-eyed and explained his state to those who were present there; this is explained by AzhwAr in the mood of a divine mother of a nAyaki (heroine) who is suffering in separation and is sustaining herself by enacting his acts; the mother explains this to those who came to enquire about the daughter’s state sorrowfully saying “is she possessed by sarvESvaran?”. mAmunigaL mercifully explains this situation which is explained in thiruvAimozhi 5.6 “kadal gyAlam” starting with “kadal gyAlaththIsanai“.


kadal gyAlaththIsanai mun kANAmal nondhE
udanA anukarikkaluRRuth – thidamAga
vAyndhavanAyth thAn pEsum mARan urai adhanai
AyndhuraippAr Atcheyya nORRAr


word-by-word meanings

kadal gyAlaththu – in this world surrounded by ocean
Isanai – emperumAn
mun kANAmal – being unable to see in front of him, with the eyes
nondhu – became anguished
udanA anukarikkal uRRu – trying to sustain by enacting him
thidamAga vAyndhu – with firm faith
avanAy thAn pEsum – speaking as he does
mARan – AzhwAr’s
urai udhanai – SrIsUkthis (divine words)
Ayndhu uraippAr – those who recite, knowing the greatness
Atcheyya – to serve such AzhwAr
nORRAr – have performed penance.

Simple Translation

AzhwAr being unable to see emperumAn in front of him, with his eyes, in this world surrounded by ocean, became anguished and tried sustaining himself by enacting emperumAn, and with firm faith, spoke as emperumAn; knowing the greatness of such AzhwAr’s SrIsUkthis, those who recite them, have performed penance to serve such AzhwAr.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam

  • kadal gyAlaththu Isanai – Being the one who controls the people of the world which is surrounded by the ocean, and hence being the sarvESvaran who is the controller of everyone.
  • mun kANAmal nondhE – Being anguished due to not seeing him physically; that is, other than what was mercifully spoken by AzhwAr as his internal vision of emperumAn in thiruvAimozhi 5.5.10sOdhi veLLaththin uLLE ezhuvadhOr uru ennenjuL ezhum” (his divine form which appears in a raised manner amidst a flood of radiance, appeared in my heart) and thiruvAimozhi 5.5.11arivariya pirAnai” (supreme lord, who is impossible to be known), there was no external vision.

Having become anguished due to that,

  • udanA anukarikkaluRRu – Subsequently, as AzhwAr thought about how gOpikAs enacted krishNa and sustained themselves, he decided in his divine heart that he would also enact [emperumAn].
  • thidamAga vAyndhu –  With firm faith. That is, approaching with great emotions as said in “vAyndha vazhudhi vaLa nAdan” (nammAzhwAr, the leader of AzhwArthirunagari which is part of vazhudhi vaLa nAdu, due to overwhelming emotions, having attained the mood of bhagavAn) [11th pAsuram].
  • avanAyth thAn pEsum – That is, AzhwAr speaking in every pAsuram as said in “kadal gyAlam” [1st pAsuram], “kaRkungalvi” [2nd pAsuram], “kANginRa” [3rd pAsuram], “seyginRa” [4th pAsuram], “thiRambAmal” [5th pAsuram], “inavEy” [6th pAsuram], “uRRArgaL” [7th pAsuram], “uRaikkinRa” [8th pAsuram], “kodiyavinai” [9th pAsuram], “kOlangoL” [10th pAsuram], “kUndhal” [11th pAsuram] highlighting his activities such as creation of universe etc, revealing of all knowledge and nurturing knowledge etc, five great elements which are the cause, all activities in the three times (past, present and future), his activities such as protecting the universe etc, krishNa’s activities such as lifting the gOvardhana hill, the way emperumAn presents himself towards devotees and non-devotees, he having the primary dhEvathAs such as brahmA, rudhra et al as his prakAra (form), those words which speak about his akarmavaSyathvam (not being bound by karma), he having svarga etc under his control and all such words which were spoken. The merciful words of AzhwAr where he said that all such aspects are at his [AzhwAr’s] disposal as said in AchArya hrudhayam  “yAnE ennai vAyndhERap pEsi“.
  • mARan urai adhanai – The divine words mercifully spoken by AzhwAr.
  • Ayndhu uraippAr – Those who analysed the glories of such words as said in “Ayndha thamizh mAlai AyiraththuL ivaiyum Or paththu” (this distinguished decad which is hailed as “what a decad is this!” among the thousand pAsurams) [11th pAsuram] and recite it.
  • Atcheyya nORRAr – Those who have performed penance to serve AzhwAr as said in “thirumAl adiyArgaLaip pUsikka nORRArgaL” (be fortunate to worship bhAgavathas who are servitors of sarvESvaran who is Sriya:pathi) [11th pAsuram]. AzhwAr remains as said in thiruvAimozhi 4.5.10vaN thamizh nURka nORREn adiyArkku inba mAriyE” (I acquired the puNya (virtue) to compile the dhrAvida prabandham which is distinguished and practicable by all, and is like a cloud of joy). SrI rAmAyaNam yudhdha kANdam 19.21 “ahathvA rAvaNam sankhyE saputhram sahabAndhavam …” (SrI rAma said – I will not enter ayOdhyA without killing rAvaNa together with his sons, companions and relatives in battle. I take oath on my three brothers). “kodiyAn ilangai seRREnE ennum” (She says “I destroyed the cruel rAvaNa’s lankA”) [9th pAsuram] is said [by AzhwAr].

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