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Focus of this centum – Arthiharathvam (emperumAn being the remover of sorrows of devotees)

Highlights from vAdhi kEsari azhagiya maNavALa jIyar‘s introduction

AzhwAr mercifully highlighted sarvESvaran being the palam (goal) previously and mercifully sets out to explain the acquirement of such goal in this centum, explaining his following aspects:

  1. his being trustworthy and helpful
  2. his having enjoyable names etc which pacified AzhwAr’s previous sorrows
  3. his great enjoyability where one will worry about his separation while he is together
  4. his being the goal for upAsakas (bhakthi yOga nishtar) just as he is for those who have only emperumAn as the means
  5. his being the only controller of eliminating unfavourable aspects and granting favourable aspects for such upAsakas also
  6. his being eager to grant the result for those who approached him through servitude towards his devotees, as per their desire
  7. his being desirous of the body etc of those who are greatly attached to him, and liberating them from those body etc based on their desire
  8. his being the grantor of enjoyment based on incidental good deeds
  9. his presenting the vision of pursuit by AdhivAhika [those who transport AthmAs to paramapadham] in archirAdhi mArgam (the path leading to paramapadham) which is an aid for the ultimate enjoyment
  10. his granting eternal togetherness to AzhwAr who is having ultimately great devotion, with him

Seeing these aspects, AzhwAr being greatly blissful, mercifully completes the prabandham having acquired the goal.

We will see each thiruvAimozhi (decad) in detail.

  • mudhal thiruvAimozhi – First decad – “thALathAmarai (e-book – )
  • iraNdAm thiruvAimozhi – Second decad – “kedumidar (e-book –   )
  • mUnRAm thiruvAimozhi – Third decad – “vEymaruthOL“ (e-book –  )
  • nAngAm thiruvAimozhi – Fourth decad – “sArvE” (e-book –   )
  • aindhAm thiruvAimozhi – Fifth decad – “kaNNAnkazhal” (e-book –    )
  • ARAm thiruvAimozhi – Sixth decad – “aruLpeRuvAr” (e-book –  )
  • EzhAm thiruvAimozhi – Seventh decad – “senjoRkavigAL“ (e-book –  )
  • ettAm thiruvAimozhi – Eighth decad – “thirumAlirunjOlai“ (e-book –   )
  • onbadhAm thiruvAimozhi – Ninth decad – “sUzhvisumbu“ (e-book – )
  • paththAm thiruvAimozhi – Tenth decad – “muniyE (e-book – )
  • Full centum – e-book –

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