thiruvAimozhi – 9th centum

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Focus of this centum – Apathsakathvam (emperumAn being the protector during dangerous times)

Highlights from vAdhi kEsari azhagiya maNavALa jIyar‘s introduction

AzhwAr mercifully highlighted the nature of virOdhi (hurdles) and how they are eliminated in seventh and eighth decads respectively; subsequently, setting out to mercifully explain how the attainment of the apt result happens in the next two centums, AzhwAr explains the nature of the result in this centum and the following aspects of ISvara are highlighted by him:

  1. his eternal/natural relationship
  2. the eternal prayer to have him as the recipient of our kainkaryam (service)
  3. his ultimately enjoyable qualities such as Seela (simplicity) etc
  4. his eternally fresh enjoyability
  5. his greatly enjoyable qualities which cause one to melt and break down while meditating upon them
  6. his primary effort in giving enjoyment to those who break down meditating upon him
  7. his union which results due to greatly respectable gatakas (messengers/connectors)
  8. his completeness in having divine consorts, eternal servitors et al
  9. his greatness in causing immense sorrow even in a momentary separation
  10. his being the recipient of kainkaryam which is caused by bhakthi

With these aspects, AzhwAr mercifully explains emperumAn being the goal. The prApya svarUpam (nature of bhagavAn who is attained) which was explained in the first two centums, being the goal is explained further here.

We will see each thiruvAimozhi (decad) in detail.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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