periya thirumadal – 46 – ennai idhu viLaiththa

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ennai idhu viLaiththa IriraNdu mAlvaraiththOL
mannavan than kAdhalanai mAyaththARkoNdu pOy                                               63
kanni thanpAl vaikka maRRavanOdu eththanaiyOr
manniya pErinbam eydhinAL – maRRivaidhAn                                                           64

Word by word meaning

pAviyEn ennai idhu viLaiththa Ir iraNdu mAlvaraiththOLthe four shoulders which are like a huge mountain and which torment me, who is a sinner
mannavan – king of kings
emperumAn than – kaNNapirAn (krishNa)’s
kAdhalanai – anirudhdhAzhwAn (grandson) who is dear [to krishNa]
mAyaththAl koNdupOy kanni thanpAl vaikka – taken deceptively, to where she was staying and kept beside her
maRRavanOdu – with anirudhdha
eththanai Or – unqiue in many ways
manniya pErinbam eydhinAL – she experienced permanent, heavenly bliss


ennai idhu viLaiththa – making me set out to engage in madal, like this.

IriraNdu mAl varaiththOL – as he kept looking at the way I was getting tormented, his shoulders kept flourishing (by increasing in their size)

mannavan – He is just as it is mentioned in nAchchiyAr thirumozhi 10-10 “nAgaNai misai namparar selvar periyar siRumAnidavar nAm” (emperumAn, who is reclining on the mattress of thiruvandhAzhwAn (AdhiSEshan) is opulent and superior to everyone else; we are the lowly people in samsAram ).

mannavan than kAdhalanai – wouldn’t the love towards grandson be double that of love towards son! anirudhdhAzhwAn who appeared to be the epitome of emperumAn’s love….

mAyaththAl koNdu pOy – ushai saw anirudhdha in her dream. She informed this to her friend, chithralEkai, who started drawing the portraits of all the kings in the world. ushai kept rejecting each of these portraits. When chithralEkai drew the portrait of krishNa, ushai said that the person who she saw in her dream was looking similar in a way, but younger than krishNa. chithralEkai then drew the portrait of anirudhdha and ushai confirmed that he was the one she had seen in her dream. With the help of her yOgabalam (strength of yOgic powers), chithralEkai immediately went to dhwArakA and effortlessly abducted anirudhdha who was sleeping on his cot, being protected by palace guards, as if he were a calf born that day.

kanni thanpAl vaikka – she placed anirudhdha, unknown even to him, next to ushai who was longing to see the person who she had seen in her dreams, in person.

maRRavanOdu – the love which ushai had towards anirudhdha, blossomed in anirudhdha after he saw ushai in person.

eththanaiyOr manniya pErinbam eydhinAL – once vAnan (bANAsura) came to know of this, he imprisoned anirudhdha. But since he also kept ushai along with anirudhdha in the prison, she attained unencumbered, distinguished, natural and heavenly bliss by uniting with him.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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