periya thirumadal – 37 – minnuruvil veN thEr

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minnuruvil ve(vi)N thEr thirindhu veLippattu                               48
kanniraiththu thIyndhu kazhai udaindhu kAl suzhanRu

Word by word meaning

mAdhirangaL min uruvil veN thEr thirindhu – with the mirage which is like lightning, spread in all directions
veLippattu – everything appears to be arid land, with not even a blade of grass seen anywhere.
kal niRaindhu thIyndhu kazhai udaindhu kAl suzhanRu – being full of stones, grass having been burnt, bamboo cracking up, with tornado continuously striking


From now onwards, until the verse vengAnam, these are all attributes to forest.

mAdhirangaL – in all the directions

minnuruvil veN thEr – mirage which is like lightning. The words veN thEr and pEyththEr refer to mirage.

veLippattu – there is not a blade of grass seen anywhere in sight. Everything is like absolutely dry land.

kal niRaindhu – everywhere it is tightly packed with stones, without any vacant space.

kazhai udaindhu – even green bamboo sticks, due to excessive heat, have all cracked up.

kAl suzhanRu – tornado striking

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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