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thennan podhiyil sezhum sandhanak kuzhambin                                   40
annadhOr thanmai aRiyAdhAr Ayan vEy
innisai Osaikku irangAdhAr mAl vidaiyin                                                  41
mannu maNi pulamba vAdAdhAr peNNai mEl

Word by word meaning

thennan podhiyil sezum sandhanak kuzhambinannadhu Or thanmai aRiyAdhAr – those who do not know that property of the sandalwood paste made from sandalwood trees which grow in the podhigai malai (podhigai mountain range) in the kingdom of pANdyas.
Ayan vEy innisai Osaikku irangAdhAr – those who are not disheartened after hearing the sweet music played by the shepherd on his flute
mAl vidaiyin – the bull which comes infatuated (with the cow)
mannu maNi pulamba vAdAdhAr – those who are not dispirited after hearing the great sound of the bell (tied to that bull’s neck)


thennan – despite living in the country of thamizhars, not knowing its greatness.

thennan podhiyil – those do not know that sandalwood is a botanical product grown in the podhigai mountains of thamizh nAdu (the country of thamizhars).

sezhum sandhanak kuzhambu – the paste of that sandalwood which will make even a totally renounced sage to feel intoxicated. It is the kind of sandalwood paste which, when applied even on an inanimate piece of iron, will make it feel freshened  and capable to dance.

kuzhambin annadhOr thanmai aRiyAdhAr – those who do not know that if this paste were applied on a lady who has separated from her beloved, it will make her body to boil over (sandalwood is by nature a material which cools down the body; however, in this case, it generates so much of heat that the body boils over).

annadhOr thanmai – those who do not know that once its properties are described, the mouth will become ulcerated.

Ayan vEy innisai Osaikku irangAdhAr – they are people who will not melt, after listening to the music played by shepherd on his flute,  saying “Oh! How sad is it that we are not able to enjoy this music by being together with our beloved!” Their hearts are so hardened that instead of thinking of their beloved, they will think that it is a lullaby and fall asleep. The vEdhic chanting of brAhmaNas, the singing of pANas (a class of people who are specialised in singing) and the music played on the flute by shepherds will be engrossing for those who listen.  However, these people (those who do not get engrossed) are the ones who cannot appreciate such music, which, like brahmAsthra (a weapon), will never miss its mark.

innisai Osai – this is like an arrow dipped in poison. Arrow is the sound and poison is the music. Why does it become a poison? Since it is reminding the lady of her beloved’s sweet words and torturing because of that.

mAlvidaiyin mannu maNi pulamba vAdAdhArmAlvidai – bull which is infatuated (with cow). These are the people who will not wilt, just like a tender leaf will wilt on being torched by fire, upon hearing the continuous ringing of the bell from the bull. Why should they wilt? While the bull is coming towards the cow for uniting, the cow is standing without showing any interest, on looking at the bull approaching it. The bull, on its own, falls atop the cow to unite with it, due to which the bell, tied to its neck, is ringing. This will remind the nAyaki about the non-arrival of the nAyakan even though she is agreeable, and will torment her.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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