periya thirumadal – 8 – thannudaiya angaigaLAl

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thannudaiya angaigaLAl thAn thadavath thAn kidandhOr
unniya yOgaththu uRakkam thalaikkoNda                                      8

Word by word meaning

thannudaiya am kaikgaLAl adiyiNaiyai thadava – gently massaging the divine feet [of emperumAn] with her beautiful hands

(thus, with all these greatness)

kidandhu – reclining eminently

Or unniya yOgaththu uRakkam thalaikkoNda pinnai – after assuming the posture of reclining where he is thinking about protecting the world


adiyiNaiyai – the soft, divine feet which even she (bhUmippirAtti) who is  extraordinary, would hesitate to touch

thannudaiya am kaikaLAl – with her beautiful and great, divine hands which even sarvESvaran (lord of all) has to obtain by carrying out penance

thAn thadava – is it possible to sustain by asking someone else to drink for self? Is it possible to live by asking someone else to breath for self? Hence, pirAtti is carrying out the service (of massaging emperumAn’s divine feet) with her own hands. She will sustain herself if she massages his divine feet by herself or else she will perish. Thus, sarvESvaran is sleeping, with the ocean fanning him with chowry (fan whisk) and bhUmippirAtti massaging his divine feet.

thAn kidandhu – being omniscient by his nature, being without any bewilderment for any reason, he is now sleeping because of her mere touch, forgetting even that the ocean is fanning him and that she is massaging his divine feet.

Or unniya yOgaththu uRakkam thalaikkoNda pinnai – after sleeping through his yOgam which is unique since he is fully aware even when he is sleeping. For people like us, the heart is already very dark. When we are awake, the external entities will be seen to an extent; once we close our eyes, even they will disappear and everything will become dark. For him (emperumAn), this is not the case. He is not one who sees with his eyes “paSyathachakshu:” (seeing with eyes). His closing his eyes, thus, is to enable his thoughts to develop further. The meaning of the term unnuvadhu is to meditate. yOgaththu uRakkam is to be aware while one is sleeping. yOgaththuRakkam – he does not sleep like people like us who would sleep when rajasthamO guNas (qualities related to passion and ignorance) overtake us. He is similar to what nammAzhwAr had mercifully said in thiruvAimozhi 5.4.11uRanguvAn pOle yOgu seyginRa perumAn” (emperumAn who is thinking about the well-being of all even as he is sleeping). He is sleeping with the thought “what is the way in which these chEthanas (sentient entities) would be able to come out of the ocean of samsAram?”

thalaikkoNda pinnai – the pAsuram now starts talking about entities who are created, now that the time for creation has arrived, just like flowers which are ready to bloom in their season.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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