nAnmugan thiruvandhAdhi – 82 – kalandhAn en uLLaththu

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AzhwAr is wondering whether it was just that emperumAn created a desire for AzhwAr in thamizh language and prevented him from having a wavering heart. He says aloud to the entire world, in this pAsuram, that there cannot be a greater benefit, which emperumAn did for him, than his mingling with AzhwAr’s heart despite his being a supreme being.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

kalandhAn ennuLLaththuk kAmavEL thAdhai
nalandhAnum IdhoppadhuNdE alarndhalargaL
ittEththum Isanum nAnmuganum enRivargaL
vittEththa mAttAdha vEndhu

Word for Word Meanings8

kAmavEL thAdhai – one who is manmatha’s (cupid’s) father
alarndha alargaL ittEththum Isanum – sivan who praises emperumAn after offering blossomed flowers
nAnmuganum – brahmA
enRa ivargaL – (distinguished) dhEvas such as these
vittu Eththa mAttAdha – one who cannot be praised completely
vEndhu – dhEvAdhidhEva (lord of all dhEvas) [emperumAn]
en uLLaththu – in my heart
kalandhAn – mingled
Idhu oppadhu nalam thAnum uNdE – is there any benefit equalling this benefit? (no, there is none).


kalandhAn en uLLaththu – emperumAn mingled, like water mingles with water, with my heart which has been engaged with lowly worldly matters.

Who is such an entity?

kAmavEL thAdhai – one who is called as manmatha (cupid) among manmatha since he gave birth to manmatha (lord of love) who attracts others towards him because of his beauty. Such manmatha who is most beautiful desired a lowly entity such as I (AzhwAr) and mingled. kAmavEL thAdhai – father of manmatha.

kAmavELkAman – one who creates desire in others. vELbeautiful person. kAman is samskrutha word and vEL is thamizh word.

Is it that he has only beauty?

alarndhalargaL . . . vEndhu – Siva and brahmA who think of themselves as ISvara (one who controls all) offered freshly blossomed flowers at the divine feet of emperumAn and praised him to their hearts’ content. Such emperumAn who cannot be fully praised by brahmA, Siva et al mingled with me, says AzhwAr.

Isanum nAnmuganum enRivargaL – this indicates the prominence of Siva and brahmA who are heads of dhEvas.

vittEththa – Praising handsomely. Praising with full throat [loudly]. Praising totally.

vEndhu kalandhAn en uLLaththu – one who is supreme, mingled with a very lowly person due to his desire.

Idhu oppadhu nalandhAnum uNdE – Is there any benefit which is equal to this?

alarndhalargaL . . .vittEththa mAttAdha vEndhu kalandhAn; Idhoppadhu nalandhANum uNdE – rudhra, brahmA et al worship emperumAn with just blossomed flowers and praise emperumAn on their own with the aim of attaining emperumAn through their efforts just like people pick up grains from fields with difficulty for their sustenance. On the other hand, emperumAn, of his own accord, enters AzhwAr’s heart, head over heels. AzhwAr asks whether there could there be any equivalent to this experience.

We will move on to the 83rd pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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