mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 54 – thALAl sagadam

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AzhwAr enjoys the deeds of kaNNapirAn (krishNa) which could be compared with the deed of emperumAn on the banyan lead.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

thALAl sagadam udhaiththup pagadundhi
kILA marudhidai pOyk kEzhalAy mILAdhu
maNNagalam kINdu angOr mAdhugandha mArvaRkup
peNNagalam kAdhal peridhu

Word by Word Meanings

sagadam – sagadAsuran [a demon who had entered a wheel to kill krishNa]
thALAl – with divine feet
udhaiththu – kicking
pagadu – elephant [called as kuvalayApIdam]
undhi – pushing it aside
kILA – without a split
marudhu idai pOy – crawling between the arjuna trees
kEzhal Ay – in the form of varAha (wild boar)
mILAdhu – without hesitating and returning
agalam maN kINdu – digging out the expansive earth from the wall of the universe
Or mAdhu ugandha mArvaRku  – emperumAn who has the divine chest much desired by periya pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi)
peN agalam – on the divine form of bhUmippirAtti (SrI bhUdhEvi)
kAdhal – affection
peridhu – will be flooding


thALAl sagadam udhaiththu – killing the demon sagadAsuran with his divine feet. Kicking aside a wheel which came close to his divine feet.

pagadundhipagadu – elephant. Killing the elephant kuvalayApIdam set on him by kamsa, by pushing it. He pushed hard at the elephant which came close to his hand. He kicked the wheel which came in his way, with his divine feet and pushed aside the elephant, as mentioned by thirumangai AzhwAr in periya thirumozhi 6-5-6 “puguvAy ninRa pOdhagam” (elephant which stood in his way of going towards kamsa) with his divine hands.

kILA marudhidai pOy – finding a path between two arjuna trees which had intertwined closely without any gap. We can also construe it as krishNa going between the trees by splitting them.

kEzhalAy mILAdhu – When he, who is greater than everyone else, takes a very lowly form of boar, should he not look like a boar? Thus, he felt like a boar. If he had thought of himself as the consort of thirumagaL (SrI mahAlakshmi) could he have carried out the activities of a boar?

mILAdhu maNNagalam kINdu – we can construe the meaning as – digging out the earth such that it cannot be snatched away.

angOr maNNagalam kINdu – he came out of deluge there, holding the expansive earth.

mAdhu ugandha mArvaRkuemperumAn who has the divine chest much desired by periya pirAtti.

peNNagalam kAdhal peridhu – his affection towards SrI bhUmippirAtti (SrI bhUdhEvi) was over-flooded. peNNagalam refers to the divine form of SrI bhUmippirAtti.  Has bhUmippirAtti’s form not been described in siRIya thirumadalkArAr varaikkongai kaNNar kadal udukkai” (bhumippirAtti has thiruvEngadam and thirumAlirunjOlai on which clouds take rest, as her bosom and the expansive ocean as her dress)!

kAdhal peridhuemperumAn’s infatuation with bhUmippirAtti is described here. emperumAn’s desire for those whom he likes is much larger than the desire which those who like him have for him. Did not emperumAn who has all his desires fulfilled, take out earth from the walls of the universe by taking the form of a boar!

peNNagalam kAdhal peridhuAzhwAr says “Is it not because of the affection that he has for bhUmippirAtti that he dug out the earth  which she respects a lot (or earth which has bhUmippirAtti as the caretaking deity)?”.

We will take up the 55th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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