mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 53 – muyanRu thozhu

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AzhwAr enjoys the experience of emperumAn reclining on banyan leaf, just as he enjoyed the deed of vAmana in the previous pAsuram. He tells his heart that they should fall head over heels and experience such deeds when emperumAn’s characteristics are like these. He says that emperumAn is capable of uniting things which are incompatible.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

muyanRu thozhu nenjE mUri nIr vElai
iyanRa marathAlilaiyin mElAl payinRangOr
maNNalangoL veLLaththu mAyak kuzhaviyAyth
thaNNalangal mAlaiyAn thAL

Word by Word Meanings

mUri nIr vElai – in the ocean having water with waves
iyanRa – fitting
Alamaraththu ilaiyin mElAl – on top of a banyan leaf
payinRu – reclining for a long time
angu – there
maN – earth’s
nalam – benefit
koL – seized
veLLaththu – in the deluge
Or mAyak kuzhavi Ay – as an amazing child
thaN alangal mAlaiyAn thAL – emperumAn who has a cool, swaying thuLasi garland, such emperumAn’s
thAL – divine feet
nenjE – Oh heart!
muyanRu thozhu – make an effort and worship


muyanRu thozhu nenjE – Oh heart, try to attain emperumAn with zeal instead of having the attitude of “if it comes, let it; I wouldn’t go after it”! Make an effort and attain him. Keep falling [in front of emperumAn] till your hands fracture.

mUri nIr vElai – in the ocean which has water throwing up waves

iyanRa maraththu Al ilaiyin mElAl – on top of a tender banyan leaf which had just sprouted on that ocean

payinRu – lying on top of the banyan leaf for a very long time such that people such as mArkaNdEya become fearful [as to what trouble will befall emperumAn]

angOr maN nalam koL veLLaththu – in the deluge which tries to destroy the characteristics of earth. Earth is in the effect mode.

maN nalam koL veLLam – the virtues of earth are: it is an implement for the enjoyment of chEthanas (sentient entities), it is the place for enjoying and it is the object of enjoyment. Such earth is destroyed during deluge.

mAyak kuzhaviyAyemperumAn is an infant with amazing activities.

thaN alangal mAlaiyAn thAL – the divine feet of emperumAn who has the swaying garland which removes fatigue.

muyanRu thozhu nenjE – when he kept all these objects [the worlds, oceans etc] inside his stomach, did he not carry out that task in such a way that his garland and other decorative ornaments were not disturbed even a little bit! The beauty with which he was lying on the banyan leaf with his garland! Was yaSOdhA present there to deck him up? Isn’t everything amazing!

We will move on to the 54th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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