periya thirumozhi – 5.5.6 – thAdhAdu vana mAlai

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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thAdhAdu vana mAlai thArAnO?
enRenRE thaLarndhAL kANmin
yAdhAnum onRu uraikkil
emperumAn thiruvarangam ennum pUmEl
mAdhALan kudamAdi madhusUdhan
mannarkkAy munnam senRa
thUdhALan en magaLaich cheydhanagaL
enganam nAn sollugEnE?

Word-by-Word meanings

thAdhu Adu – filled with pollen
vanam – in forest
mAlai – flower garland
thArAn – he is not giving;
O – alas!
enRu enRE – saying repeatedly
thaLarndhAL kANmin – see, she is breaking down;
yAdhAnum – any
onRu – a statement
uraikkil – if I try to make
emperumAn thiruvarangam – thiruvarangam where sarvESvaran is mercifully residing
ennum – will respond saying;
pU mEl – eternally residing on lotus flower
mAdhu – the woman, periya pirAttiyAr
ALan – being the beloved
kudam Adi – being the one who danced with pots
maduhsUdhan – being the one who killed the demon, madhu
mannarkkAy – for pancha pANdavas
thUdhu senRa – one who went as messenger
ALan – the lord
en magaLaich cheydhanagaL – what he did to my daughter
enganam nAn sollugEnE – how will I speak?

Simple translation

My daughter is breaking down, repeatedly saying “Alas! He is not giving forest flower garland filled with pollen”. If I try to make any statement, she will respond saying “thiruvarangam is where sarvESvaran is mercifully residing”. The lord is the beloved consort of periya pirAttiyAr, who is eternally residing on lotus flower; he danced with pots; he killed the demon, madhu; he went as messenger for the pancha pANdavas. How will I speak about what such lord did to my daughter?

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

thAdhu Adu … – Pollen remaining constantly. Adugai – being present. In the forest, as said in “thannErAyiram piLLaigaL” (His thousand friends who are like him), he and his friends would pluck flowers and prepare garlands – those would remain fresh. We thought that he had those garlands for others [to give to me]; my daughter is repeatedly saying “Alas! Will he not give that to me!”, like the repeated sound of bell-metal.

Now, will I even stop hearing these words?

yAdhAnum … – If I tried to advise her saying “You cannot have so much love; this does not match the stature of our clan; this suffering will lead to your destruction; he is involved with other women [periya pirAttiyAr]”, she would respond saying “SrIrangam is the abode of the one who made me to exist for him”.

pU mEl … – Is he not the one who makes a woman (periya pirAttiyAr) remain inseparable from him? Is he not the one who makes one, not even to know about separation?

kudam Adi – Is he not the one who fully gives himself on a four-way junction for the women? periya thirumadal “mannu paRai kaRanga mangaiyar tham kaN kaLippa konnavilum kUththanAyp pErththum kudamAdi” (To have the eyes of the (herd) ladies rejoice, he played the drum tied to his waist, carrying out the dance which kills and further danced with pots). It is better to be tormented by his hands than watching his dance.

madhusUdhan – One who has destruction of his enemies as the main task for him.

mannarkku … – For those who are favourable towards him, he will lower himself.

en magaLai – How can I speak about his act of destroying her and him living happily?

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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