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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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pUN mulai mEl sAndhaNiyAL
poru kayal kaN mai ezhudhAL pUvai pENAL
ENaRiyAL eththanaiyum
emperumAn thiruvarangam engE ? ennum
nANmalarAL nAyaganAy
nAmaRiya AyppAdi vaLarndha nambi
ANmaganAy en magaLaich cheydhanagaL
ammanaimIr! aRigilEnE

Word-by-Word meanings

pUN – decorated
mulai mEl – on the bosoms
sAndhu – sandalwood paste
aNiyAL – she is not applying;
poru – matching with each other
kayal – like fish
kaN – on her eyes
mai – black pigment
ezhudhAL – she is not applying;
pUvai – pet parrot
pENAL – she is not liking;
eththanaiyum – any thing
EN aRiyAL – she is not thinking;
emperumAn – sarvESvaran who is the benefactor, his
thiruvarangam – dhivyadhESam named thiruvarangam
engE ennum – she is asking “where is it?”
nAL – fresh
malarAL – for periya pirAttiyAr who is residing in lotus flower
nAyaganAy – being the beloved
nAm aRiya – to be known to all of us
AyppAdi – in SrI gOkulam
vaLarndha – one who mercifully grew up
nambi – the complete one
AN maganAy – being the best among men
en magaLaich cheydhanagaL – what he did to my daughter
ammanaimIr – oh mothers!
aRigilEn – I don’t know

Simple translation

My daughter is not applying sandalwood paste on her decorated bosoms; she is not applying black pigment on her eyes which are like fish matching with each other; she is not liking her pet parrot; she is not thinking about any thing else; she is asking “where is the dhivyadhESam named SrIrangam where my lord is present?” emperumAn, the complete one, who is the beloved one for periya pirAttiyAr who is residing in fresh lotus flower, mercifully grew up in SrI gOkulam to be known to all of us. Oh mothers! I don’t know what he, being the best among men, did to my daughter.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

pUN mulai – The bosoms which are decorated with pearl necklaces; or it can be said as “bosoms which are decoration for themselves”.

poru – On the eyes which cannot be glorified further, by anything else, she is not applying black pigment, even for auspiciousness.

pUvai … – Even before claiming ownership on her items such as pet parrot, she would care for them. Now she is not caring for them.

EN aRiyAL – She is not thinking about anything in worldly aspects.

emperumAn … – While asking about bhagavAn’s dhivyadhESam, she does not even need the help of mind.

nAL malarAL … – [Mother is saying angrily] He identifies himself as Sriya:pathi (divine consort of periya pirAttiyAr).

nAm aRiya – Should we drill an old well [it is well known from ancient scriptures that he is the husband of SrI mahAlakshmi]? Isn’t it well known that these divine consorts favourably engage with him?

nambi – Being subservient to the women, isn’t he thinking that he is complete due to that?

AN maganAy – When it comes to my daughter, he is manifesting his masculinity as said in nArAyaNa sUktham “pathim viSvasya” (He is the lord of the universe). How can one who is subservient, claim to be supreme!

en magaL … – Will his supremacy become dented if he shows subservience towards her?

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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