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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


vArALum iLangongai vaNNam
vERAyinavARu eNNAL eNNil
pErALan pErallAl pEsAL
ippeN peRREn en seygEn nAn?
thArALan thaN kudandhai nagarALan
aivarkkAy amaril uyththa
thErALan en magaLaich cheydhanagaL
enganam nAn seppugEnE?

Word-by-Word meanings

vAr – by a corset
ALum – apt to be tied
iLam – youthful
kongai – bosom’s
vaNNam – complexion
vERAyina ARu – the way it changed
eNNAL – she is not thinking;
eNNil – if she tries to think
pEr – great
ALan – lord’s
pEr allAl – other than the divine name
pEsAL – she cannot say;
ippeN peRREn – gave birth to such girl
nAn – I
en seygEn – what will I do?
thAr ALan – wearing a divine garland
thaN – cool
kudandhai nagar ALan – one who has reached thirukkudandhai
aivarkkAy – for pancha pANdavas
amaril – in the war
thEr – chariot
uyththa – one who rode
ALan – lord
en magaLaich cheydhanagaL – what he did to my daughter
enganam – how
nAn seppugEnE – will I speak about

Simple translation

She is not thinking about the way the complexion of her youthful bosom which is apt to be tied by a corset, has changed. If she tries to think about it, she cannot say anything but the divine name of the great lord. What will I, who gave birth to such girl, do? emperumAn is wearing a divine garland; he has reached the cool thirukkudandhai; he rode the chariot for pancha pANdavas in the war. How will I speak about what he did to my daughter?

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

vAr ALum – The bosom which will not obey orders due to its youthfulness, which is apt to be enjoyed and eagerly looking out asking “show me the target [bhagavAn’s divine chest]”. To be held by a corset, the bosom which is growing with the intent “Show me, show me”, due to not having its desire fulfilled, is losing its usual complexion and attaining paleness. She is not realising any of these. She is not having any knowledge about herself. “visasmAra thadhAthmAnam” [pramANam source not known]. One who cannot think about her own state, cannot think about anything else.

eNNil … – More time is spent on not thinking about anything; if she thinks, she does not say anything but the divine name of sarvESvaran. “avApa paramAm kAshtAm manasaSchApi samyamE” [pramANam source not known]. Hence, she does not think about her situation; and she speaks without thinking in her mind.

ippeN … – Thinking about her daughter “not thinking about anything and having her mind and speech focussed on bhagavAn”, she pretends to be upset for the sake of others, but speaking, revealing her joy. She is [joyfully] saying “Is there anyone who has given birth to such a girl who is detached from matters related to self and others and has love towards matters related to bhagavAn?”.

thAr ALan – The one who is wearing a distinguished garland to show that his protection is hurting a woman here.

thaN kudandhai … – He is the one who is having thirukkudandhai as his capital city for the protection of those who have shortcomings [in this samsAram] instead of nithyasUris who have no shortcomings.

aivarkku … – Practically implementing it, he accepted the arrows shot at his devotees, on his divine chest, for their sake! As said in thiruvAimozhi 7.5.9thEsam aRiya Or sAradhiyAy” (to be popularly known everywhere as the unique charioteer for the five pANdavas), he made himself as the charioteer to be seen by everyone, and hence lowered himself, by transforming, for the sake of his devotees.

en magaLai … – Just as he placed himself as the target for the arrows of bhIshma et al, now he is placing her as the target of the love arrows, for his sake; the mother is saying “How can I speak about his act of destroying her?”.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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