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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


oLLiya karumam seyvan enRu uNarndha mAvali vELviyil pukkuth 
theLLiya kuRaLAy mUvadi koNdu thikkuRa vaLarndhavan kOyil
aLLiyam pozhilvAy irundhu vAzh kuyilgaL ari ari enRavai azhaippa
veLLiyAr vaNanga viraindhu aruL seyvAn thiruveLLiyangudi adhuvE

Word-by-Word meanings

oLLiya – beautiful
karumam – the deed of offering oneself fully
seyvan – let me do
enRu uNarndha – thought as
mAvali – mahAbali’s
vELviyil – in the yAgam
theLLiya – having clarity (firm belief)
kuRaLAy – being vAmanan
pukku – entered
mUvadi – three steps of land (from that mahAbali)
koNdu – accepted as charity
thikku uRa – to reach in all directions
vaLarndhavan – one who grew in his divine form
kOyil – dhivyadhESam is
aLLi – having buds
am – beautiful
pozhilvAy – in the gardens
irundhu – residing
vAzh – remaining joyful
avai kuyilgaL – those cuckoos
ari ari enRu – as “hari: hari:”
azhaippa – to remain calling out
veLLiyAr – those who have sathva nature
vaNanga – as they worship
viraindhu – very quickly
aruL seyvAn – sarvESvaran who is showing his mercy to them, his
thiruveLLiyangudi adhuvE – it is thiruveLLiyangudi

Simple translation

emperumAn being vAmanan who is having clarity, entered the yAgam of mahAbali who was thinking “let me do the beautiful deed of offering self”, accepted three steps of land as charity and grew in his divine form to reach all directions; the dhivyadhESam of such sarvESvaran is thiruveLLiyangudi where the cuckoos are joyfully residing in beautiful gardens which are having buds, and are calling out “hari: hari:”, as those with sathva nature worship him.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

oLLiya karumam … – Having the yAgam as a reason, mahAbali thought “Let me give all my wealth to others”. If we consider “uNarndhu” instead of “uNarndha“, alternative explanation – emperumAn entering mahAbali’s sacrificial arena thinking “I will make myself a mendicant for the sake of indhra who came begging to me”.

theLLiya kuRaLAy – vAmanan who is having firm clarity of “I will not leave without getting [what I want]; will I return without completing my task?” even if Sukran et al where advising mahAbali saying “He has come to fulfil the desires of dhEvas; don’t be cheated”. Even if Sukra stopped and even if mahAbali says “I won’t give”, he entered thinking “I will not go without accepting”. He was seeking, saying “You should give three steps” and subsequently placed all the directions under his divine form.

aLLi … – aLLi – alli – buds; beautiful garden with buds; alternative explanation – aLi is transformed as aLLi; aLi means coolness; cool, beautiful garden; cuckoos consumed the fruits etc in such garden, are doing thirunAma sankIrthanam (singing bhagavAn’s divine names) just as those who are in sathva nishtai (goodness) will wake up in brahma muhUrtham and chant “hari: hari:”. Even the birds of that town have the lifestyle of brAhmaNas.

veLLiyAr … – Surrendered by pure natured persons; alternatively, it is popularly known that Sukran worshipped in this dhivyadhESam – that is being mentioned here. veLLiyAr indicates respect towards Sukran.

veLLiyAr vaNanga … – [Here veLLiyAr indicates rudhra who is residing in veLLi malai – kailASa hill] As rudhran came and surrendered, as said in SrImathsya purANam “svapnalabdham dhanam yathA” (disappeared like wealth acquired in dream), emperumAn eliminated his sin/suffering quickly.

viraindhu aruL – Even before rising, after offering obeisance, they will have their desires fulfilled.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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