periya thirumozhi – 4.10.8 – mudiyudai

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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mudi udai amararkku idar seyum asurar tham perumAnai anRu ariyAy
madi idai vaiththu mArvai mun kINda mAyanAr manniya kOyil
padi idai mAdaththu adiyidaith thUNil padhiththa pan maNigaLin oLiyAl
vidi pagal iravenRu aRivaridhAya thiruveLLiyangudi adhuvE

Word-by-Word meanings

mudiyudai – being crowned (and thus prideful)
amararkku – for dhEvathAs
idar – sorrow
seyyum – causing
asurar tham – for asuras
perumAnai – hiraNya, who is the king
anRu – when prahlAdhan was tortured
ariyAy – being narasimha
mun – previously
madiyidai – on the lap
vaiththu – kept
mArvai – his chest
kINda – tore apart
mAyanAr – amazing sarvESvaran
manniya – remaining fixed
kOyil – dhivyadhESam is
padiyidai – on earth
mAdaththu – in mansions
adiyidai – placed
thUNil – pillars
padhiththa – embossed
pal – many types of
maNigaLin – gems’
oLiyAl – lustre
vidi – as early morning
pagal – as day
iravu enRu – as night
aRivu aridhAya – being difficult to know
thiruveLLiyangudi adhuvE – it is thiruveLLiyangudi

Simple translation

emperumAn, being narasimha, previously kept hiraNya who was the king of asuras who would cause sorrow for the crowned dhEvathAs, and tore apart his chest; the dhivyadhESam where such amazing sarvESvaran is remaining fixed is thiruveLLiyangudi, where it is difficult to know whether it is early morning, day or night due to the lustre from the many types of gems embossed on the pillars placed in the mansions on the earth.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

mudi … – There is the lord of asuras who cause sorrow for dhEvathAs who considered themselves to be lords as said in SrI bhagavath gIthA 16.4ISvarOham” (I am the controller of everything) – he is hiraNya.

anRu – When he tortured his son prahlAdhan. Being narasimha.

madiyidai vaiththu – On his lap, where he keeps SrI mahAlakshmi et al, he kept the evil hiraNyan. nampiLLai would mercifully say that he heard from parASara bhattar for periya thirumadal phrase “thannudaiya thAL mEl kidAththi” – It is apt to keep me who is desirous towards him instead of the unfavourable hiraNyan. nampiLLai says that bhattar would directly look at him and explained this. This is the abode where emperumAn who has unbounded love towards his devotees, and who tore apart the wide chest of hiraNyan, resides permanently.

padi … – From the lustre of the gems embossed on the pillars which are planted in the mansions on the earth, it is difficult to differentiate between day and night there. AzhwAr could be narrating this since such eminence occurred on some special occasions. Alternatively, he could be saying this since there is no end to his joy. In the objects which we like, all eminence will be felt [even if not present].

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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