Glossary/Dictionary by pAsuram – thiruvezhukURRirukkai

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thiruvezhikURRirukkai – 1iru(from the) big
thiruvezhikURRirukkai – 1thavisilseat (also petals of the flower)
thiruvezhikURRirukkai – 1undhi(that is your) divine nAbhi (navel)
thiruvezhikURRirukkai – 1malar(which is like a lotus) flower
thiruvezhikURRirukkai – 1pEr(that is having the) greatness (of)
thiruvezhikURRirukkai – 1oruhaving no equals,
thiruvezhikURRirukkai – 1oru muRaiat one time (during creation)
thiruvezhikURRirukkai – 1InRanaiyou created
thiruvezhikURRirukkai – 1ayanaibrahmA
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 2iru sudarmoon and sun
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 2mIdhinil iyangAwould not span above
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 2ilangailankApuri
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 2oru muRaieven once (due to fear)
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 2mum madhiL(lankA) that is covered by three kinds of protection, by water, mountain, and forest,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 2attanai(you) burned and destroyed (such lankA),
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 2oru silai(using your) unparalleled bow (sArngam)
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 2iru kAl vaLaiyawith its two ends curved,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 2vALiyinusing the arrows
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 2onRiya Ir eyiRuthat are fit into the bow, and having 2 teeth
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 2azhal vAiand which have got the mouth that spits fire.
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 3oru muRaionce upon a time
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 3muppuri nUloduwith pUNUl (yagyOpavItham) and
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 3mAn urideer skin
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 3ilangu mArviniladorned in your chest,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 3iru piRappu oru mAN Agias unparalleled Brahmin bachelor
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 3vENdi(you) begged for
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 3mU adithree steps of land
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 3nAnilamin this earth that has four kinds of areas,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 3aLandhanai(and) you spanned
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 3mU ulaguthe three worlds
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 3Ir adiwith (your) two divine feet.
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 4oru nALonce upon a time
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 4nAl thisai nadunga(got an anger such that) people in all four directions were scared
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 4am siRai paRavai ERi(and you) got onto the garudan who has got beautiful feathers
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 4iru nIr maduvuL(and went to the shore of ) the pond having deep waters
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 4thIrththanaiand removed
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 4arandhaiyaithe suffering of
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 4nAl vAithe one having a hanging mouth
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 4mummadhamwhich lets out madha (intoxicated) water out of three places
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 4iru seviand which has got two ears,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 4oru thani vEzhaththuthat is the unparalleled elephant gajEndhran who was alone.
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 5andhaNar vaNangum thanmaiyai(you are of the nature who is) prayed by the brAhmaNas using
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 5muththIthree types of agni (fire), and
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 5nAl maRaifour types of vEdhas, and
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 5aivagai vELvifive types of yagyas (rituals), and
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 5aRu thozhilsix types of karmas.
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 6aimpulan agaththinuL seRuththu(without letting roam around onto other bad influences outside) they control the five senses to stay inside
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 6nAngu udan adakkieating, sleeping, fearing, enjoying other pleasures are the four things they nullify
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 6mukkuNaththuout of the three characteristics, sathvam, rajas, and thamas
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 6agaRRithey avoid
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 6iraNdu avairajas and thamas
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 6onRi ninRuand stay involved
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 6onRinilonly in sathva guNam;
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 6Anguby such a bhakthi yOgam
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 6iru piRappu aRuppOrupAsakars (worshipers/followers who use their own efforts) avoid two types of births,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 6aRiyum thanmaiyaiYou are of such a nature that they can reach You (by their own efforts as the means).
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 7mukkaN(rudhran who is) having three eyes
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 7nAl thOLfour shoulders
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 7aivAi aravOduhaving the snake which has got five mouths
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 7ARu podhi sadaiyOnand having river gangA in the plaits of his hair
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 7aRivu arucannot know you
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 7thanmaiyou are of that nature
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 7perumaiyuL ninRanaiyou are having such a greatness
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 7eyiRRinil koNdanai(by srI varaham) lifted into your trunk (dhantham)
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 7Ezhulaguall the worlds
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 8kURiya aRu suvaip payanum Ayinaisix types of tastes (mentioned in the sAsthras) is You who is all such tastes for me.
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 8am kaiyuLIn your beautiful divine hands
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 8amarndhanaiyou hold
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 8sudar vidum ai padaithe five weapons that are bright;
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 8sundhara nAl thOLhaving four beautiful shoulders
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 8munnIr vaNNaOh emperumAn, having the beauty like an ocean.
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 9oru madhi mugaththu mangaiyar iruvarumthe two pirAttis, srIdhEvi and bHUdhEvi (thirumadanthai, maNmadanthai) with unparalleled divine face like the moon,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 9onRiya manaththAl(with their) mind immersed in
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 9nin Ir adiyour two divine feet
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 9muppozhudhum(they) always
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 9varudapress/caress (your divine feet)
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 9malar ena am kaiyinusing their beautiful hands that can be said as flowers
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 9aRi thuyil amarndhanaiwhile you are immersed in meditating sleep (yOga nidhrA).
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 10nAl vagai varuNamum AyinaiYou control all four varNas (category of births)
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 10neRi muRaiwho conduct themselves according to sAsthra
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 10mE thagum ai perum pUthamum nIyEYou are the antharyAmi of all the five elements (bhUthams) into which AthmAs can enter into and get set into them.
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 10aRupadham muralum kUndhal kAraNamFor nappinnai pirAtti to whose hair the bees (six legs) come buzzing (for enjoying the honey),
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 10Ezh vidaithe seven bulls
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 10adanga cheRRanai(which you) crushed them together
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 11aRu vagai chamayamumSix type of other philosophies
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 11aRivu arucannot know/understand
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 11nilaiyinaiYou; such is your nature;
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 11aimpAl OdhiyaipirAtti whose hair is identification of five ways of hair;
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 11Agaththu iruththinaihave placed her in your divine chest.
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 11aRam mudhal nAngu avai AyYou are the one who grants the four goals aRam (dharma), poruL (things/wealth), inbam (pleasure), vIdu (srIvaikuNtam)
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 11mUrthy mUnRu Ayas antharyAmi for the three mUrthys
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 11iru vagai payan AyYou are the one who creates happiness and sadness (based on karmAs)
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 11onRu Ai virindhu ninRanaijust the self (in the beginning), and then expanded as the whole world.
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12kunRA madhuhaving unlimited honey
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12malar chOlai(from the) groves full of flowers,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12vaN kodi padappaiand with gardens having beautiful creepers,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12ponniwith cAuvEry river
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12varu punalalways having proliferating water,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12mA maNiand the best gems
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12alaikkumgreat in number thrown by its waves,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12sennel oN kazhanihaving fields that are beautified by rice of yellowish hue,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12thigazh vanam uduththasurrounded in all the four sides by wilderness / grove / forest,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12kaRpOr purisaitown inhabited by the learned,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12kanakam mALigai nimir kodiflags fluttering upward from the golden palaces/mansions
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12visumbilin the sky
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12thuvakkumtouching/caressing
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12iLa piRaithe young moon,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12selvam malgu(it is the) wealthy and
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12then thiru kudanthaibeautiful thiruk kudanthai,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12Adu aravu amaLiyil(where you are leaning) in the bed of Adhi sEshan with its open hood
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12aRi thuyil amarndhaand involved in doing yOga nidhrai (meditating sleep),
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12anthaNar(that is suitable for) brAhmaNas
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12manthiram mozhiyudan vaNangato recite vEdha sukthas;
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12paramahey paramEshwara!
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12nin adi iNai paNivanam surrendering to your two divine feet
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12varum idar agalafor the removal of hurdles that may come in the way (of reaching You);
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12mARRu vinaiplease remove those hurdles by your mercy.
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 12thirukkudanthai ArAvamudhAzhvAr
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 13kudanthaiIn thirukkudanthai
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 13sUzhumthat is surrounded
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 13ponniby kAvEri
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 13thAmarai koNda thadamand by the ponds having lotuses
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 13thaN pUfull of cool/nice/pleasant flowers
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 13malarndhathat have blossomed,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 13paLLi koNdAnArAvamudhAzhvAr is lying down
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 13padam koNda pAmbu aNaiin the bed that is thiruvananthAzhwAn (Adhi sEshan) who has opened his hood,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 13vidam koNdawho is having venom
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 13veN paland white teeth,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 13karum thuththidark dots (in the hood)
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 13sem kaNand reddish eyes,
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 13thazhal umizh vAiand with mouth spitting fire;
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 13thiru pAdhangaLE(such ArAvamudhAzhvAr’s) beautiful divine feet (only)
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 13enRum iNangik kidappanais always felt in
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 13nenjaththu(thirumangai AzhwAr’s) heart
thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 13idam koNda(heart that is) wide and deep.

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