thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 8

srImathE satakOpAya nama:
srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srImath varavaramunayE nama:

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kURiya aRu suvaip payanum Ayinai

sudar vidum aimpadai ankaiyuL amarndhanai
sundhara nAL thOL munnIr vaNNa

Word by word meaning

kURiya aRu suvaip payanum Ayinai – six types of tastes (mentioned in the sAsthras) is You who is all such tastes for me.
am kaiyuL – In your beautiful divine hands
amarndhanai – you hold
sudar vidum ai padai – the five weapons that are bright;
sundhara nAl thOL – having four beautiful shoulders
munnIr vaNNa – Oh emperumAn, having the beauty like an ocean.


Simple translation

thirumangai AzhwAr considers emperumAn as all the tastes specified in the shasthrAs;

Azhwar enjoys the beauty of emperumAn’s four shoulders, which define the word beauty, and which give beauty to the ornaments worn; Azhwar asks emperumAn to let him fully enjoy such beauty.



kURiya aRu suvaipp payanum Ayinai – sAsthras talk about six tastes that the people in this world use – salty, sour, saline/astringent, sweet, hot, and bitter (uppu, puLippu, thuvarppu, inippu, kArppu, kaippu (kasappu); You are these tastes for us. nammAzhwAr too sang “aRu suvai adisil enkO” [thiruvAimozhi 3-4-5]. You become the six tastes for the people and benefit them, you please be the six tastes – shad’rasAnnam (aRusuvai adisil – food with all six tastes) and give Yourself to us. This is the meaning thirumangai Azhwar shows in this phrase.


For him, it is the five divine weapons that emperumAn holds, and the beautiful hands that holds them, are the food of six tastes – is what thirumangai AzhwAr shows in the next phrase.

sudar vidum aimpadai ankaiyuL amarndhanai – having wonderful appearance of shankam (conch), chakram (sudarsana wheel), gadhai (mace), sArngam (bow), nAndhakam (sword); even if they are not present, your hands are so beautiful, which require removing the casting of others’ (evil) eyes; with such beautiful hands you provided your grace to us by holding those weapons, like they are ornaments for such beautiful hands.

sundhara nAl thOL munnIr vaNNa – Shoulders that define the word beauty; that word beauty split in to four parts, that are your four shoulders; Like it is said “sarva bhUshaNa bhUshArhA: bhAhava:” [ramAyanam – kishkintha kAndam? 3-15], [shoulders fit for decorating all the ornaments], without having to use any ornaments to add beauty, the shoulders themselves are so beautiful; they create beauty; in reality they give beauty to the ornaments; One having such shoulders; river water, spring (URRu) water, and rain water – all the three get mixed (munnIr) in to oceans, and when people look at the ocean it their fatigue would be removed and feel fresh; in the same way you remove our fatigue by your beautiful form; AzhwAr implies that He should make him fully enjoy this beauty.

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