Glossary/Dictionary by pAsuram – thirunedunthANdakam

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thirunedunthandakam-1  mun uruvil  Things that can be seen by eyes (non-sentient)
thirunedunthandakam-1  minnuruvAy  He is being one who enlightens about the nature of them (like the temporary nature of) lightning,
thirunedunthandakam-1  vEdham nAngAy  He is being talked about by all the four vEdhas;
thirunedunthandakam-1  viLakkoLiyAy  Like how light would remove darkness, He removes the inner darkness that is ignorance (of true nature of AthmA, etc.), and enlightens about His true nature/form,
thirunedunthandakam-1  muLaiththu ezhundha  appearing in the mountain, and rising up in the sky,
thirunedunthandakam-1  thingaL thAnAy  like the moon, He is being of delight,
thirunedunthandakam-1  pinnuruvAy  being behind that non-sentient, that thathvam (truth/existence) (which is jeevAthmA)
thirunedunthandakam-1  munnuruvil  unlike the aforementioned shining lamp and moon,
thirunedunthandakam-1  piNi mUppillAp piRappiliyAy  He is being the matter of (parama)AthmA which does not have ignorance, weakness, the six changes of body, or birth,
thirunedunthandakam-1  iRappadhaRkE eNNAdhu  and without thinking about death (kaivalyam (eternal self enjoyment) which is considered as death of AthmA)
thirunedunthandakam-1  eNNum  and He is eligible for always to meditate upon
thirunedunthandakam-1  ponnuruvAy  having the nature of gold (brightness, desirable, etc)
thirunedunthandakam-1  maNiyuruvil  in the form (body) having the nature of gem
thirunedunthandakam-1  bhUtham aindhAy  and being made of five primary elements (pancha bhUtham) (different from the five elements of this world)
thirunedunthandakam-1  punal uruvAy  and being very easy to approach like the water that everyone could fetch and drink,
thirunedunthandakam-1  analuruvil thigazhum  and having the form (body) of not able to approach like fire,
thirunedunthandakam-1  sOdhi thannuruvAy  and being one who illuminates those things that are having light,
thirunedunthandakam-1  en uruvil ninRa  He being set in my body;
thirunedunthandakam-1  thiruvadi  divine feet (soft, etc.)
thirunedunthandakam-1  endhai  of the sarvESvaran who is my lord,
thirunedunthandakam-1  en thalai mElavE  are being set on my head
thirunedunthandakam-1  thaLir puraiyum  due to which His feet freshens (sprouts)
thirunedunthandakam-1   saying so, AzhvAr is immersed in it.
thirunedunthandakam-2  Er uruvil  Having beautiful bodies
thirunedunthandakam-2  mUvarumE enna ninRa  being as if all the three are equal
thirunedunthandakam-2  imaiyavar tham thiruvuru  of the form of brahmA, vishNu, and Sivan,
thirunedunthandakam-2  vEReNNumpOdhu  when seeing separately,
thirunedunthandakam-2  Oruruvam  brahmA’s form is
thirunedunthandakam-2  ponnuruvam  of the nature of gold;
thirunedunthandakam-2  onRu  rudhran’s (Sivan) form is
thirunedunthandakam-2  sem thee  of the nature of reddish fire;
thirunedunthandakam-2  onRu  form of nArAyaNan, the husband of lakShmI
thirunedunthandakam-2  mA kadal uruvam  is invigorating, like (when seeing) the big ocean;
thirunedunthandakam-2  mUvuruvum  all the three forms
thirunedunthandakam-2 &nbsp ;oththu ninRa  standing together (with their such qualities);
thirunedunthandakam-2  kaNda pOdhu  (but) when seeing through pramANam,
thirunedunthandakam-2  pAr uruvi neer erikAl visumbumAgi  creating the five core elements like the earth made of hard material, etc.,
thirunedunthandakam-2  palvERu samayamumAy  creating the world that is of many different paths/categories,
thirunedunthandakam-2  parandhu ninRa  and pervading everywhere, inside the AthmAs (as antharyAmi)
thirunedunthandakam-2  when reflecting upon the state based on such thathvam (truth),
thirunedunthandakam-2  Am sOdhi onRu  being said by ‘param jyOthi’ , and being the One
thirunedunthandakam-2  mugil uruvam  the form that is like the dark rainy clouds,
thirunedunthandakam-2  em adigaL uruvam  IS the form of sarvESvaran who is the lord of everyone.
thirunedunthandakam-3  karu neela vaNNan thannai  One naturally having blue colour among the colours,
thirunedunthandakam-3  perumAnai  that is sarvESvaran,
thirunedunthandakam-3  thiruvadivil  in the matter of his divine body,
thirunedunthandakam-3  karunedumAl  (like rainy clouds) emperumAn naturally having black colour, having a lot of love towards devotees,
thirunedunthandakam-3  sEyan enRum  that He is having reddish colour
thirunedunthandakam-3  thirEthaikkaN  in the thrEthA yugam;
thirunedunthandakam-3  peru vadivil kadal amudham koNda kAlam  in the krutha yugam when having many forms, and took nectar from the divine milky ocean
thirunedunthandakam-3  vaLai uruvAyth thigazhndhAn enRum  He was having white colour like a conch;
thirunedunthandakam-3  Uzhi thORu Uzhi ninRu EththalallAl  other than being in each kalpam and praise Him (like this),
thirunedunthandakam-3  uNaral AgAdhu  It is not possible to know (Him)
thirunedunthandakam-3  oru vadivaththu Or uru enRu  as having one specific form of divine body, or as having one type of colour;
thirunedunthandakam-3  katturaiyE  other than (everyone) be (only) talking about
thirunedunthandakam-3  karu vadivil sem kaNNa vaNNan thannai  that emperumAn having bluish divine body, and reddish divine eyes,
thirunedunthandakam-3  yAr oruvar kANkiRpArE  who can see Him (like I did as He showed to me)?
thirunedunthandakam-4  mada nenjamE  Oh mind which is amicable (to me)!
thirunedunthandakam-4  indhirarkkum piramarkkum mudhalvan thannai  Being the reason/source for indhra and brahmA,
thirunedunthandakam-4  iru nilam kAl thee neer viN bUtham aindhAy  being antharyAmi (inside resident) to the five core elements  the big earth, air, fire, water, space,
thirunedunthandakam-4  senthiRaththa thamizhOsai vada sollAgi  His showing the thamizh vEdham (dhivya prabandhams) (which show Him clearly), and samskrutha vEdhams,
thirunedunthandakam-4  thisai nAngumAy  being antharAthmA for all the things in all the four directions,
thirunedunthandakam-4  thingaL nAyirAgi  being antharyAmi for the moon and the sun,
thirunedunthandakam-4  antharaththil  when being antharyAmi in that way,
thirunedunthandakam-4  dhEvarkkum aRiyalAgA anthaNanai  being purest who cannot be known by even dhEvas,
thirunedunthandakam-4  anthaNar mAttu anthi vaiththa manthiraththai  sarvESvaran the secret entity who is kept safely in the knots of vEdhams (anthi – end/tail – vEdhAntham) which are the wealth of brAhmaNas (safe like in the knots of clothes worn),
thirunedunthandakam-4  manthiraththAl  by thirumanthram
thirunedunthandakam-4  maRavAdhu vAzhudhiyEl  if you enjoy without fail/forge tting,
thirunedunthandakam-4  enRum vAzhalAm  you can get good life always (in paramapadham).
thirunedunthandakam-5  oN midhiyil  after making the soft step
thirunedunthandakam-5  oru kAl  with one divine foot,
thirunedunthandakam-5  punal uruvi niRpa  it went all the way to AvaraNa jalam (water surrounding the aNdam (oval shaped world)),
thirunedunthandakam-5  oru kAlum  another divine foot also
thirunedunthandakam-5  kAmaru seer avuNan uLLaththu eNmadhiyum kadandhu  crossing even the extent of thought of mahAbali who is having greatness that is liked,
thirunedunthandakam-5  ezhundhu  it started
thirunedunthandakam-5  aNdam meedhu pOgi  to go even above the aNdam,
thirunedunthandakam-5  iru visumbin Udu pOy  permeating the big space (AkASam)
thirunedunthandakam-5  thavira Odi  going further by crossing
thirunedunthandakam-5  thaN madhiyum  the cool zone of moon
thirunedunthandakam-5  mElai  that is above, and
thirunedunthandakam-5  kadhiravanum  the zone of sun (that is below),
thirunedunthandakam-5  thArakaiyin puRam thadavi  permeating the zone of stars (above)
thirunedunthandakam-5  appAl mikku  permeating even beyond (that),
thirunedunthandakam-5  agappaduththu ninRa  and stood spanning
thirunedunthandakam-5  maN muzhudhum  all the places;
thirunedunthandakam-5  vaNanginEnE  I got to experience/enjoy
thirunedunthandakam-5  malar puraiyum thiruvadiyE  the lotus flower like divine foot only
thirunedunthandakam-5  enthai  of my lord (of such glory).
thirunedunthandakam-6  manamE  Oh mind!
thirunedunthandakam-6  alam purindha nedum thadakkai amarar vEndhan  One having long and huge divine hand that gives until (the one asking) saying enough, head of the nithya sUris (eternal residents of SrIvaikuNtam ), 
thirunedunthandakam-6  am siRai puL thani pAgan  being the unmatched rider of garudAzhvAn having beautiful wings,
thirunedunthandakam-6  enRum salam purindhu  (and emperumAn) always creating problems
thirunedunthandakam-6  avuNarkku  for the asuras,
thirunedunthandakam-6  angu aruL illA thanmaiyALan thAn  not having any kindness towards them (angu) as His nature, such emperumAn who is sarvESvaran (lord of all),
thirunedunthandakam-6  ugandha  presiding in
thirunedunthandakam-6  Ur ellAm  all the dhivya dhESams,
thirunedunthandakam-6  than thAL pAdi  praising His divine feet
thirunedunthandakam-6  nilam parandhu vaum kaluzhi peNNai  river then-peNNai is growing spanning all of the world, and having muddled (water),
thirunedunthandakam-6  eerththa nedu vEygaL padu muththam undha  and pushing (into the fields) the pearls that are in the bamboo sticks that it pulls along with it,
thirunedunthandakam-6  undhi  and (such pearls) are pushed aside (as weeds, by the farmers),
thirunedunthandakam-6  pulam parandhu  spreading into the fields
thirunedunthandakam-6  pon viLaikkum  and growing gold
thirunedunthandakam-6  vEli  having wall on four sides
thirunedunthandakam-6  poigai  the water tanks,
thirunedunthandakam-6  pUnkovalUr  the beautiful thirukkOvalUr
thirunedunthandakam-6  thozhudhum  let us enjoy it,
thirunedunthandakam-6  pOdhu  you shall come (Oh mind!).
thirunedunthandakam-7  (AzhvAr is enjoying various incarnations of emperumAn)
thirunedunthandakam-7  vadivAya mazhu Endhi  carrying beautiful axe,
thirunedunthandakam-7  vaRpudaiya varai nedum thOL mannar mALa  (When incarnating as paraSurAman), having strength and mountain-like tall shoulders, such that the kings (like kArthaveeryArjunan) die,
thirunedunthandakam-7  ulagam ANdu  (incarnating as SrI rAman), ruling the word for a very long time,
thirunedunthandakam-7  veRpu udaiya nedum kadalUL thani vEL uyththa vEL mudhal venRAn  (when incarnating as kaNNan) of emperumAn who won those like murugan (subrahmaNya) who threw his spear into the sea that is having mountain inside it,
thirunedunthandakam-7  Ur  such emperumAns divine place,
thirunedunthandakam-7  vindhai mEya kaRpu udaiya madam kanni kAval pUNda  (place which is) guarded by one who had done penance in vindhyA hills, who is having great knowledge, who does not turn away from a task undertaken, and who is subservient to emperumAn only, that is dhurgA,
thirunedunthandakam-7  kadi pozhil sUzh  (place which is) surrounded by fragrant gardens 
thirunedunthandakam-7  nedu maRugil  having wide/long divine streets
thirunedunthandakam-7  kamalam vEli  having ponds with blossoming lotuses,
thirunedunthandakam-7  poRpudaiya malai araiyan paNiya ninRa  and the place where emperumAn is standing such that the king of the abundant people of hills would come and surrender to Him,
thirunedunthandakam-7  pUm kOvalUr  such beautiful thirukkOvalUr
thirunedunthandakam-7  thozhudhum  shall enjoy that place
thirunedunthandakam-7  nenjE  Oh mind!
thirunedunthandakam-7  pOdhu  Ye come!
thirunedunthandakam-8  neeragaththAy  Oh One who is giving divine presence in thiruneeragam dhivya dhEsam!
thirunedunthandakam-8  nedu varaiyin uchchi mElAy  Oh One who stood at the top of tall and great thirumalai!
thirunedunthandakam-8  nilAththingaL thuNdaththAy  Oh One who is giving divine presence in the divine place called nilAththingaL thuNdam!
thirunedunthandakam-8  niRaindha kachchi UragaththAy  Oh One who is giving divine presence in the divine place called Uragam by pervading the whole of kachchi (by your qualities)!
thirunedunthandakam-8  oNthuRai neer vekhAvuLLAy  Oh One who is in sleeping posture at the beautiful shore of water tank that is in thiruvehkA!
thirunedunthandakam-8  uLLuvAr uLLaththAy  Oh One who is present in the hearts of those who think of you (as their leader)! (that is also a temple for Him);
thirunedunthandakam-8  ulagam Eththum kAragaththAy  Oh One who stood in the divine place called ‘thirukkAragam’ for the whole world to worship!
thirunedunthandakam-8  kAr vAnaththuLLAy  Oh One who lives in the divine place called kArvAnam!
thirunedunthandakam-8  kaLvA  Oh the thief (who hid the divine form and not showing it to the devotees)! (there is a dhivya dhEsam called kaLvanUr);
thirunedunthandakam-8  kAmaru pUm kAviriyin then pAl mannu pEragaththAy  well set in the town of thiruppEr (of appakkudaththAn) that is on the south shore of very beautiful kAvEri!
thirunedunthandakam-8  en nenjil pEradhu uLLAy  Oh One who is showing Himself to my mind without break or going away!
thirunedunthandakam-8  perumAn  Oh One having many many divine places!
thirunedunthandakam-8  un thiruvadiyE pENinEnE  I am calling for your divine feet (wishing to see it).
thirunedunthandakam-9  munneer mallaiyAy  Oh One who lives in thir uk kadal mallai (dhivya dhEsam, modern day mahAbalipuram) by the shore
thirunedunthandakam-9  mAmaNi vandhu undhu  which brings and pushes the best gems
thirunedunthandakam-9  vangaththAL  by ships!
thirunedunthandakam-9  madhiL kachchi UrAy  Oh One who lives in the city of kAnchee having divine ramparts / walls!
thirunedunthandakam-9  pErAy  Oh One having divine presence in the city of thiruppEr!
thirunedunthandakam-9  kula varaiyan madappAvai idappAl koNdAn pangaththAy  Oh One having on one side (of His body) the rudhran who is having in the left side (of his body) acquiescent/beautiful pArvathi, who is the daughter of himavAn who is the best of kings,
thirunedunthandakam-9  kongu Ar vaLam konRai alangal mArvan  and such (rudhran is ) having in His chest the garland of koNRai flower that is having honey and much beauty.
thirunedunthandakam-9  pArkadalAy  Oh One who is resting in the divine milky ocean!
thirunedunthandakam-9  pArin mElAy  Oh One who incarnated in the earth (for doing good to those living here)!
thirunedunthandakam-9  pani varaiyin uchchiyAy  Oh One who stood at the top of cool divine thirumalai (thiruvEnkatam)!
thirunedunthandakam-9  pavaLa vaNNA  Oh One having pleasant divine body like a coral!
thirunedunthandakam-9  engu uRRAy  where have You gone in to?
thirunedunthandakam-9  emperumAn  On my lord!
thirunedunthandakam-9  unnai nAdi  searching for You,
thirunedunthandakam-9  EzhaiyEn  adiyen having the wish in vain, am
thirunedunthandakam-9  uzhithargEnE  roaming
thirunedunthandakam-9  inganamE  in these ways only.
thirunedunthandakam-10  then AnAy  Oh One who is like an elephant that stands in the beautiful thirumAlirunchOlai mountain
thirunedunthandakam-10  ulagam Eththum  which is worthy of praise by one and all in the world!
thirunedunthandakam-10  vada AnAy  Oh One who is like an elephant that stands in the thiruvEnkatam in the north!
thirunedunthandakam-10  kuda pAl AnAy  Oh One who is like an elephant in the westerly (in sleeping pose in thiruvarangam)!
thirunedunthandakam-10  guNapAla madham yAnAy  Oh One who is like a proud elephant (in thirukkaNNapuram)!
thirunedunthandakam-10  imaiyOrkku mun AnAy  Oh One who stands in front of nithyasUris (for them to see and enjoy You)
thirunedunthandakam-10  enRum  at all times!
thirunedunthandakam-10  thirumUzhik kaLaththAnAy  Oh One living in thirumUzhikkaLam
thirunedunthandakam-10  pin AnAr vaNangum sOdhi  like a luminous entity who could be surrendered to by those living after your incarnations!
thirunedunthandakam-10  mudhal AnAy  Oh the cause of the world!
thirunedunthandakam-10  pon AnAy  Oh One who is like the gold!
thirunedunthandakam-10  pozhil Ezhum kAval pUNda  Oh Onewho is having the fame due to giving divine protection to all the seven worlds!
thirunedunthandakam-10  igazhvu Aya thoNdanEn EzhaiyEn nAn  I who am a devotee who is lowliness/scorn personified and who am of unsteady mind (chapalan),
thirunedunthandakam-10  en AnAy en AnAy ennal allAl  Other than saying ‘Oh my elephant! Oh my elephant!’ (calling emperumAn so),
thirunedunthandakam-10  en aRivan  what else do I know to say?  (Akinchanyam).
thirunedunthandakam-11  pattu udukkum  She wears herself the silk saree;
thirunedunthandakam-11  ay arththu irangum  faints and feels sad; 
thirunedunthandakam-11  pAvai pENAL  does not like (to play with) her wooden human toy (marappAchhi);  
thirunedunthandakam-11  pani nedu kaN neer thathumba  with tears brimming in her long cool eyes,  
thirunedunthandakam-11  paLLi koLLAL  she does not sleep;  
thirunedunthandakam-11  en kudankAL irukka killAL  she is not able to stay put in my lap  
thirunedunthandakam-11  eL thuNaip pOdhu  even for a second;  
thirunedunthandakam-11  ennum  she asks 
thirunedunthandakam-11  enge  where is  
thirunedunthandakam-11  thiru arangam  the divine place SrIrangam  
thirunedunthandakam-11  emperumAn   of emperumAn;  
thirunedunthandakam-11  kUndhal  she having hair  
thirunedunthandakam-11  maNi vaNdu  with beautiful bees  
thirunedunthandakam-11  muralum  buzzing  
thirunedunthandakam-11  mattu vikki  with drunk honey choking them,  
thirunedunthandakam-11  mada mAnai  this girl child who is like a beautiful deer,  
thirunedunthandakam-11  kattuvhichchi !  “Oh the (female) diviner!  
thirunedunthandakam-11  idhu seydhAr thammai  who brought her to this state?  
thirunedunthandakam-11  meyyE sol enna  Tell me the truth.”, as I asked her this,  
thirunedunthandakam-11  kadal vaNNar idhu seydhAr (enRu) sonnAL  The one having the color like that of the sea, perumAL, has created this state –  she said.  
thirunedunthandakam-11  nangAy  Oh dear women (friends)! (If He, the protector has done this),   
thirunedunthandakam-11  kAppAr ArE  who else is there who could remove this danger? 
thirunedunthandakam-12  kaNpanippa niRkum  She stands with tears overflowing
thirunedunthandakam-12  nenju  with mind
thirunedunthandakam-12  urugi  melting like water;
thirunedunthandakam-12  sOrum  she faints;
thirunedunthandakam-12  nedidhu uyirkkum  she sighs;
thirunedunthandakam-12  uNdu aRiyAL  she does not know about eating;
thirunedunthandakam-12  uRakkam pENAL  she does not like to sleep;
thirunedunthandakam-12  nanju aravil thuyil amarndha nambee ennum  she says ‘Oh nambee! who is doing yOga nidhrA lying down on thiru ananthAzhvAr who spits poison’;
thirunedunthandakam-12  vambu Ar pU vayal Ali maindhA ennum  she says – Oh the youthful one who is present in thiruvAli that is surrounded by fields having flowers full of fragrance;
thirunedunthandakam-12  am siRaiya puL kodiyE Adum  she is dancing like garudan who is having beautiful wings (beautiful because it serves to transport emperumAn) who is like the flag;
thirunedunthandakam-12  pAdum  and sings;
thirunedunthandakam-12  thOzhee aNi arangam AdudhumO ennum  Oh friend! Would (we) get to bathe and dance in thiruvarangam?, says she.
thirunedunthandakam-12  peNNaip peRREn  I who have got such a girl child
thirunedunthandakam-12  en siRagin keezh adangA  who does not stay under my control
thirunedunthandakam-12  Or pazhi padaiththEn  have earned unparalleled sin
thirunedunthandakam-12  iru nilaththu  in this huge land;
thirunedunthandakam-12  E pAvamE!  Oh how sad!
thirunedunthandakam-13  kAththAy  (This little girl is saying these -) Oh You who protected
thirunedunthandakam-13  kalmAri  from the rain that is hail (which was set to be poured by indhra)
thirunedunthandakam-13  kal eduththu  as you lifted and held a mountain
thirunedunthandakam-13  enRum  and,
thirunedunthandakam-13  kAmaru pU kachchi UrakaththAy enRum  Oh You who is having divine presence in thiru Uragam of kAncheepuram which is loveable and beautiful!, and,
thirunedunthandakam-13  vil iRuththu melliyal thOL thOyndhAy enRum  Oh You who broke the bow and got the hand of seethA pirAtti!, and,
thirunedunthandakam-13  vehkAvil thuyil amarndha vEndhE enRum  Oh You the King who is reclining in thiru vehkA!, and
thirunedunthandakam-13  anRu  that day (when you incarnated as kaNNan),
thirunedunthandakam-13  mal adarththu  restraining their strength
thirunedunthandakam-13  attAy  you destroyed
thirunedunthandakam-13  mallarai  the wrestlers,
thirunedunthandakam-13  enRum  and
thirunedunthandakam-13  en myndhA  Oh! my lord
thirunedunthandakam-13  kaiththalaththu  having beautiful divine hands that
thirunedunthandakam-13  mA keeNda  destroyed by tearing kEsi who came as a horse!
thirunedunthandakam-13  enRum  and
thirunedunthandakam-13  than kiLiyai  looking at her parrot
thirunedunthandakam-13  sol eduththu  and prompting it so with the first word of divine name,
thirunedunthandakam-13  sol enRu  ‘you say (the rest of the name) yourself’, saying so, (and after it started saying the divine name),
thirunedunthandakam-13  thuLi sOra  with tears rolling down
thirunedunthandakam-13  thuNai mulai mEl  upon both the divine breasts,
thirunedunthandakam-13  sOrginRAL  she is suffering.
thirunedunthandakam-14  muLaikkadhirai  He who is like a young sun
thirunedunthandakam-14  kuRunkudiyuL mugilai  and bright in thirukkurunkudi as a rainy cloud
thirunedunthandakam-14  mUvA mUvulagum kadandhu  and ever present and beyond the three types of worlds
thirunedunthandakam-14  appAl  in paramapadham
thirunedunthandakam-14  mudhalAy ninRa  being present as the leader (for both the worlds (leelA and nithya vithi),
thirunedunthandakam-14  aLappariya  who is not measurable by number (of auspicious qualities of true nature and form)
thirunedunthandakam-14  Ar amudhai  who is like a specal nectar
thirunedunthandakam-14  arangame mEya andhaNanai  who is the ultimate purity, present in great city of thiruvarangam
thirunedunthandakam-14  andhaNar tham sindhaiyAnai  who is having His abode as the mind of vaidhikas (those who live based on the words of vEdhas),
thirunedunthandakam-14  thiruththaNkAvil viLakku oLiyai  who provides dharSan as the deity viLakkoLip perumAL in thiruththaNkA,
thirun edunthandakam-14  maradhakaththai  who is having a beautiful form like the green of gem of emerald,
thirunedunthandakam-14  vehhAvil thirumAlai  who the sarvESvaran, who is the husband of SrIdhEvI, who is in reclining resting pose in thiruvekhA,
thirunedunthandakam-14  pAdak kEttu  as the (parrot) sung (about Him), and she listened (to its pAsurams),
thirunedunthandakam-14  madak kiLiyai  looking at that beautiful parrot, 
thirunedunthandakam-14  vaLarththadhanAl payan peRREn varuga enRu  She called it, saying  ‘I got the fulfilment due to nurturing/raising you; come here’ 
thirunedunthandakam-14  kai kUppi vaNanginAL  and joined her hands in anjali form, and prostrated to it.
thirunedunthandakam-15  kal uyarndha nedu madhiL sUzh  Constructed using rocks, and surrounded by big towering walls,
thirunedunthandakam-15  kachchi mEya  being present in such kAncheepuram’s thiruppAdagam
thirunedunthandakam-15  kaLiRu enRum  O emperumAn who is like a must elephant, and,
thirunedunthandakam-15  kadal kidandha kaniyE enRum  who is like a fruit sleeping in the divine ocean of milk, and,
thirunedunthandakam-15  ammAn enRum  who is the lord
thirunedunthandakam-15  ninRu ugandha  who is happy standing in
thirunedunthandakam-15  aNi azhundhUr  the beautiful dhivya dhESam thiruvazhundhUr
thirunedunthandakam-15  alli am pU malar poygai  that is having ponds with beautiful and fragrant flowers pregnant with pollen, and
thirunedunthandakam-15  pazhanam  agricultural fields,
thirunedunthandakam-15  vEli  as the surrounding fences, (saying these),
thirunedunthandakam-15  thAngi  propping 
thirunedunthandakam-15  mulai mEl  upon her breast
thirunedunthandakam-15  veeNai  the veeNA instrument that is
thirunedunthandakam-15  sol uyarndha  high in tone
thirunedunthandakam-15  nedu  long in harmonic range,
thirunedunthandakam-15  thU muRuval  she with pure smile,
thirunedunthandakam-15  nagai  and with her well set teeth
thirunedunthandakam-15  iRaiyE thOnRa  being visible a little,
thirunedunthandakam-15  nakku   is laughing, and
thirunedunthandakam-15  thadavi  caressing the veeNA,
thirunedunthandakam-15  mel viralgaL  (that her) thin fingers,
thirunedunthandakam-15  sivappu eydha  become reddish,
thirunedunthandakam-15  AngE  and after that,
thirunedunthandakam-15  en pEdhai   my daughter,
thirunedunthandakam-15  men kiLi pOl  like a small parrot,
thirunedunthandakam-15  miga mizhaRRum  makes melodies in many ways.
thirunedunthandakam-16  kanRu mEyththu  Oh one who protected the cows
thirunedunthandakam-16  inidhu ugandha  and became very happy,
thirunedunthandakam-16  kALAy enRum  and having the individualism, and
thirunedunthandakam-16  en kaniyE  Oh my fruit
thirunedunthandakam-16  kaNapuraththu  (that became ripe in) thirukkaNNapuram that is
thirunedunthandakam-16  kadi pozhil sUzh& nbsp; surrounded by fragrant gardens! And,
thirunedunthandakam-16  magizhndhAy enRum  Oh who became happy
thirunedunthandakam-16  manRu amarak kUththAdi  by dancing with pots in the middle of the junction of roads! And,
thirunedunthandakam-16  vada thiruvEngadam mEya maindhA enRum  Oh the proud one who resides firmly in vada thiruvEngadam! And,
thirunedunthandakam-16  vEndhE  Oh the king who
thirunedunthandakam-16  venRu  won and
thirunedunthandakam-16  kaLaindha  destroyed
thirunedunthandakam-16  asurar kulam  the clan of asuras! And
thirunedunthandakam-16  ninRAy enRum  having your divine presence
thirunedunthandakam-16  thirunaRaiyUr  in thirunaRaiyUr
thirunedunthandakam-16  viri pozhil sUzh  that is surrounded by the gardens spread out expanding, and
thirunedunthandakam-16  thunRu kuzhal kaRu niRaththu en thuNaiyE enRum  Oh one having dense hair plaits, dark divine body, and being my companion, saying all these,
thirunedunthandakam-16  sOrginRAL  she becomes sad/faint that the
thirunedunthandakam-16  thuLi sOra  drops of tears flow down
thirunedunthandakam-16  thuNai mulai mEl  the bosoms that match each other.
thirunedunthandakam-17  pongu Ar mel iLa kongai  Bosom that is growing, delicate, and young
thirunedunthandakam-17  ponnE pUppa  losing colour,
thirunedunthandakam-17  poru kayal kaN  two eyes that are like two fish fighting
thirunedunthandakam-17  neer arumba  sprouting tears,
thirunedunthandakam-17  pOndhu ninRu  in the state of coming away separated from mother,
thirunedunthandakam-17  udal urugi  body melting
thirunedunthandakam-17  sem kAla madam puRavam pedaikkup pEsum siRu kuralukku  upon hearing the intellect-less doves having red legs, talking with their wives in low voice,
thirunedunthandakam-17  chindhiththu  thinking (about Him talking in personal ways?),
thirunedunthandakam-17  AngE  at that moment,
thirunedunthandakam-17  pAdi  (she started to) sing and
thirunedunthandakam-17  Ada  dance,
thirunedunthandakam-17  pAdi  by singing to her mouth’s content, about
thirunedunthandakam-17  thaNkAlum  thiruththaNkAl,
thirunedunthandakam-17  thaN kudandhai nagarum  and the place of thirukkudandhai,
thirunedunthandakam-17  thaN kOvalUr  (and about) the comforting thikkOvalUr too;
thirunedunthandakam-17  kEttu  As I heard that,
thirunedunthandakam-17  enna  and as I said
thirunedunthandakam-17  ‘nangAy  ‘Oh girl!
thirunedunthandakam-17  nam kudikku  for our clan
thirunedunthandakam-17  idhu nanmaiyO’ enna  is it good (to call out openly loudly)’,
thirunedunthandakam-17  pAduvAL navilginRALE  she started for singing about
thirunedunthandakam-17  naRaiyUrum  thirunaRaiyUr too.
thirunedunthandakam-18  Er vaNNam pEdhai  Having beautiful form that is the daughter 
thirunedunthandakam-18  pAvam seydhEn en  of me who is a sinner,
thirunedunthandakam-18  en sol kELAL  does not listen to my words;
thirunedunthandakam-18  thirumEni kAR vaNNam ennum  She is saying that (emperumAn’s) divine body is having colour like that of dark cloud;
thirunedunthandakam-18  kaNNum  (His) eyes, and
thirunedunthandakam-18  vAyum  divine mouth, and
thirunedunthandakam-18  kai thalamum  divine palms of hands,
thirunedunthandakam-18  adi iNaiyum  two divine feet 
thirunedunthandakam-18  kamala vaNNam ennum  are of colour like lotus flower, says she; 
thirunedunthandakam-18  pAr vaNNam mada mangai paththar ennum  She says that (He) is under the influence of BhUmi pirAtti; 
thirunedunthandakam-18  pani malar mEL pAvaikku piththAr ennum  She says that He is in deep love towards periya pirAttiyAr who was born in the comforting beautiful lotus; 
thirunedunthandakam-18  emperumAn thiruvarangam engE ennum  She asking where is thiruvarangam of emperumAn who got me to realize servitude; 
thirunedunthandakam-18  neer vaNNan neer malaikkE pOvEn ennum  I have to go to thiruneermalai that is the abode of the one who is having the nature of water; 
thirunedunthandakam-18  niRaivu azhindhAr niRkum ARu idhu anRO  It appears that this is the way of those who lost their controlled state.
thirunedunthandakam-19  ahdhu kaNdum  Even after having seen
thirunedunthandakam-19  muRRu ArA vanam mulaiyAL  One who is having beautiful not fully-grown-out bosom and being the woman having the nature of womanliness, that is, periya pirAttiyAr to be
thirunedunthandakam-19  moy agalaththuL iruppAL  living well set in the beautiful divine chest
thirunedunthandakam-19  mAyan  of emperumAn who is marvellous,
thirunedunthandakam-19  poru aRRAL en magaL  my daughter who is matchless
thirunedunthandakam-19  aRRAL  has set herself up to be for Him and only for Him.
thirunedunthandakam-19  than niRaivu azhindhAL  She ignored the completeness (of womanliness of waiting for Him to show up);
thirunedunthandakam-19  AvikkinRAL  she is sighing;
thirunedunthandakam-19  thOzhee! aNi arangam AduthumO ennum  Oh friend! shall we mingle with and enjoy the grand city of thiruvarangam! she says.
thirunedunthandakam-19  peRREn  I, the mother, who gave birth to her,
thirunedunthandakam-19  vAy sol pEsa   told a few words of advice,
thirunedunthandakam-19  kELAL iRaiyum  does not listen even a little by lending her ears.
thirunedunthandakam-19  pEr pAdi  singing about the city of thiruppEr,
thirunedunthandakam-19  thaN kudanthai nagar pAdiyum  and singing about the pleasant city of thirukkudanthai
thirunedunthandakam-19  pOnAL  she got up and went
thirunedunthandakam-19  neer Ada  to immerse and experience in the water
thirunedunthandakam-19  pon thAmarai kayam  of tank full of golden lotus flowers;
thirunedunthandakam-19  um ponnum agdhE?  Is the nature your daughter too is of this way?
thirunedunthandakam-20  mun  Once upon a time
thirunedunthandakam-20  thEr Alum vAL arakkan  for rAvaNan who is a chariot warrior and an able fighter of sword,
thirunedunthandakam-20  selvam mALa  to lose all his wealth, and
thirunedunthandakam-20  then i langai malanga  (his) beautiful lankA to be disturbed,
thirunedunthandakam-20  sem thee olgi  (emperumAn) burned it with fire that is red
thirunedunthandakam-20  (not only that),
thirunedunthandakam-20  vANan  (for) bANAsuran
thirunedunthandakam-20  pOr ALan  who is having the nature of waging war
thirunedunthandakam-20  Ayiram thOL  and having thousand shoulders
thirunedunthandakam-20  mALa  to be defeated,
thirunedunthandakam-20  poru kadal araNai kadandhu  (emperumAn) crossing the fort that is like an ocean with strong waves
thirunedunthandakam-20  pukku  entering bANapuram
thirunedunthandakam-20  mikka  (emperumAn who is) having in excess the lakshmi for victory,
thirunedunthandakam-20  pArALan  and is the ruler of the earth and
thirunedunthandakam-20  pAr idandhu  who pried and lifted up the earth (in varAha avathAram),
thirunedunthandakam-20  pArai uNdu  and kept the earth in His divine stomach (during praLayam (annihilation of the world)),
thirunedunthandakam-20  pAr umizhndhu  then letting out the earth
thirunedunthandakam-20  (so in these several ways)
thirunedunthandakam-20  pArai ANda  rules the world and protects it,
thirunedunthandakam-20  pEr ALan  that is the glorious emperumAn;
thirunedunthandakam-20  peNNai  This girl
thirunedunthandakam-20  Odhum  reciting without break
thirunedunthandakam-20  pEr  His divine names,
thirunedunthandakam-20  maN mEL  in this world
thirunedunthandakam-20  perum thavaththaL enRu allAl pEsalAmE?  can only say that she is having real blessing; is it possible to say by any other way?
thirunedunthandakam-21  mai vaNNam naRu kunchi kuzhal pin thAzha  Black in colour, having much fragrance, flailing in the air on His back is the divine hair each of which is curled separately,
thirunedunthandakam-21  magaram sEr kuzai  ear rings
thirunedunthandakam-21  ilangi Ada  shaking bright
thirunedunthandakam-21  iru pAdu  on both sides,
thirunedunthandakam-21  ey veNNam vem silaiyE thuNai aa  having as the companions the bow having fiery nature of shooting (a rain of arrows),
thirunedunthandakam-21  iruvar Ay vandhAr  He and iLaiya perumAL who does not separate from Him, came
thirunedunthandakam-21  en munnE ninRAr  and stood in front of me
thirunedunthandakam-21  ingE  in this thirumaNankollai;
thirunedunthandakam-21  (His)
thirunedunthandakam-21  kai  divine hands
thirunedunthandakam-21  thAmarai vaNNam  are beautiful like red lotus flower;
thirunedunthandakam-21  vAy  mouth too
thirunedunthandakam-21  kamalam pOlum  matches the lotus;
thirunedunthandakam-21  kaN iNaiyum  the two divine eyes too
thirunedunthandakam-21  aravindham  are that lotus only;
thirunedunthandakam-21  adiyum  divine feet also
thirunedunthandakam-21  ahdhE  are that lotus only;
thirunedunthandakam-21  kaNdum  even after having seen
thirunedunthandakam-21  nilamai  the state of
thirunedunthandakam-21  avvaNNaththavar  Him who is having such beauty,
thirunedunthandakam-21  thOzhee  Oh dear friend!
thirunedunthandakam-21  avarai  About Him
thirunedunthandakam-21  nAm  I
thirunedunthandakam-21  dhEvar enRu anjinOmE  was afraid because of thinking that He is the supreme lord.
thirunedunthandakam-22  ArAyA  Singing elaborately
thirunedunthandakam-22  onRu  the very best
thirunedunthandakam-22  naivaLam  melody named naivaLam,
thirunedunthandakam-22  nammai nOkkA   then seeing me
thirunedunthandakam-22  iRaiyE nANinARpOl  while standing near me like He is a bit shy,
thirunedunthandakam-22  pinnum  and even after that,
thirunedunthandakam-22  nayangaL seyvaLavil  when He was singing with humble words in the melody,
thirunedunthandakam-22  en manamum kaNNum  my mind and eyes
thirunedunthandakam-22  Odi  ran (while leaving me)
thirunedunthandakam-22  emperumAn thiru adik keezh aNaiya  and set under the divine feet of emperumAn; as this happened,
thirunedunthandakam-22  ippAl  after that,
thirunedunthandakam-22  kANEn  I lost and have not seen
thirunedunthandakam-22  kai vaLaiyum  the bangles I had worn in my arms,
thirunedunthandakam-22  mEkalaiyum  and the cloth worn in my hip;
thirunedunthandakam-22  kaNdEn  (But ) I saw
thirunedunthandakam-22  kanam makarak kuzhai iraNdum  two strong ear ornaments,
thirunedunthandakam-22  nAngu thOLum  and four divine shoulders;
thirunedunthandakam-22  (after that),
thirunedunthandakam-22  emperumAn kOyil evvaLavu uNdu enRERku  to me who asked Him  how far is the place (from here) of you my majesty,
thirunedunthandakam-22  ezhil Ali idhu anRo enRAr  He pointed to and told that the beautiful divine place thiruvAli is this.
thirunedunthandakam-23  enakkE thandhu  Creating only for me
thirunedunthandakam-23  sindhai nOy  the disease of the mind
thirunedunthandakam-23  uL Urum  that spreads inside,
thirunedunthandakam-23  ingE  in this thirumaNankollai,
thirunedunthandakam-23  koNDAr  He went away stealing
thirunedunthandakam-23  en OLi vaLaiyum  my sparkling bangles and
thirunedunthandakam-23  mAniRamum  rich colour of my body;
thirunedunthandakam-23  when He was going in that manner (He said -),
thirunedunthandakam-23  sEl -fish
thirunedunthandakam-23  ugaLum  enjoying, becoming fat, and living happily
thirunedunthandakam-23  theLLUrum iLam thengin thERal mAndhi  by drinking the clear juice that is overflowing from young coconut tree
thirunedunthandakam-23  thiru arangam  such SrIrangam
thirunedunthandakam-23  nammUr enna  is my place  saying so He went away.
thirunedunthandakam-23  kanavu idaththil yAn  In the place that is similar to dream which is not stable,
thirunedunthandakam-23  kANban kaLLUrum painthuzhAy mAlaiyAnai  I saw emperumAn who wears thiruthuzhAy garland that is rich green with honey flowing;
thirunedunthandakam-23  kaNdapOdhu  When I saw Him so,
thirunedunthandakam-23  enban  I told,
thirunedunthandakam-23  puLLUrum kaLvA  “Oh the thief riding on garudAzhvAn,
thirunedunthandakam-23  nee pOgEl  You should not go away from me hereafter”.
thirunedunthandakam-23  enRAlum  Even though I said so,
thirunedunthandakam-23  idhu  union with emperumAn
thirunedunthandakam-23  Or pulavi thAnE namakku  would (then) create for us such longing only.
thirunedunthandakam-24  ulaguNda  He who kept in His divine stomach all the worlds during annihilation,
thirunedunthandakam-24  peruvAyar  having such a huge mouth,
thirunedunthandakam-24  ingE vandhu  came to the place I was in,
thirunedunthandakam-24  pulavi thandhu  and created sorrow such that
thirunedunthandakam-24  neer  water drops
thirunedunthandakam-24  arumba  sprout
thirunedunthandakam-24  poru kayal kaN  in my eyes that are like kayal fish fighting with each other,
thirunedunthandakam-24  oppar  He resembles
thirunedunthandakam-24  vaNNam  in beautiful form
thirunedunthandakam-24  karumugil  the colour of rainy clouds
thirunedunthandakam-24  vayiRRa  having stomach
thirunedunthandakam-24  maNdi uNda  which after drinking water such that only sand remained
thirunedunthandakam-24  perum pauvam  in the big ocean that is having
thirunedunthandakam-24  ilangu  light,
thirunedunthandakam-24  oli  sound, and
thirunedunthandakam-24  neer  water,
thirunedunthandakam-24  peru  and (the stomach of cloud) still having enough space to eat anything more;
thirunedunthandakam-24  perum thavaththar  SrivaishNavas having utmost devotion,
thirunedunthandakam-24  arum thavaththu  and the devout ascetics
thirunedunthandakam-24  munivar  who meditate,
thirunedunthandakam-24  sUzha  would stand surrounding Him,
thirunedunthandakam-24  Endhi  who is holding
thirunedunthandakam-24  oru kaiyil sangu  pAnchajanyAzhvAn in one hand,
thirunedunthandakam-24  maRRoru kai Azhi  and thiruvAzhiyAzhvAn in the other hand
thirunedunthandakam-24  and for me to sustain myself when He left me,
thirunedunthandakam-24  UrenRu  said that His place is
thirunedunthandakam-24  punal arangam  SrIrangam having rich water resources,
thirunedunthandakam-24  pOyinAr  and He left separating from me;
 at the time of His leaving itself,
thirunedunthandakam-24  irukaiyil  from both my hands,
thirunedunthandakam-24  sangivai nillA  bangles of conch slipped;
thirunedunthandakam-24  ellE pAvam  Oh what a big sin (by me) this may be (due to)!
thirunedunthandakam-25  min ilangu thiru uruvum   Divine body that shines and looks wonderful like lightning,
thirunedunthandakam-25  periya thOLum  and big divine shoulders,
thirunedunthandakam-25  kari munindha kaiththalamum  and divine arms that hit with anger the elephant named kuvalayApeetam,
thirunedunthandakam-25  kaNNum  and divine eyes,
thirunedunthandakam-25  vAyum  and divine coral-like mouth,
thirunedunthandakam-25  makaram sEr kuzhaiyum  and the ear rings
thirunedunthandakam-25  thAzhndhilangu  hanging with brightness,
thirunedunthandakam-25  thannalarndha naRunthuzhAy malarin keezhE  under the garland of thiruththuzhAy which is more fragrant and brighter than the place it grew in,
thirunedunthandakam-25  kAtti  showing all these to me,
thirunedunthandakam-25  en nalanum  my beauty,
thirunedunthandakam-25  en niRaivum  and my humility,
thirunedunthandakam-25  en sindhaiyum  and my heart, 
thirunedunthandakam-25  en vaLaiyum   and the bangles in my hand,
thirunedunthandakam-25  koNdu  He stole all these; not only that  
thirunedunthandakam-25  ennai ALum koNdu  after also making me His servant,
thirunedunthandakam-25  punal arangam UrenRu pOyinAr  after saying that thiruvarangam that is rich in water resources is my place, He went away,
thirunedunthandakam-25  naru serunthip pozhilinUdE  through the fragrant garden of surapunnai
thirunedunthandakam-25  ponnalarndha  that blossomed like gold.
thirunedunthandakam-26  thEn maruvu  Having honey flooding fully
thirunedunthandakam-26  pozhil idaththu  in the garden,
thirunedunthandakam-26  malarndha pOdhai  with flowers blossoming,
thirunedunthandakam-26  vAy maduththu  drinking 
thirunedunthandakam-26  thEnadhanai  that honey,
thirunedunthandakam-26  un pedaiyum neeyum  your female and you
thirunedunthandakam-26  pUmaruvi  well set in the flower
thirunedunthandakam-26  inidhamarndhu  and be in union with her;
thirunedunthandakam-26  aRukAla siRu vaNdE  Oh the bee having six legs,
thirunedunthandakam-26  poRiyin Arndha  having lots of dots in the body
thirunedunthandakam-26  unnai thozhudhEn  I prostrate and beg you;
thirunedunthandakam-26  To Him who
thirunedunthandakam-26  maruvi mEyththa  herded with interest
thirunedunthandakam-26  A niRai  the groups of cows,
thirunedunthandakam-26  amarar kOmAn  and who is the head of nithyasUris,
thirunedunthandakam-26  aNi azhundhUr ninRAnukku  and who is standing in the beautiful place of thiruvazhundhUr,
thirunedunthandakam-26  inRE nee senRu  you go now itself and 
thirunedunthandakam-26  anjAdhE  without being afraid,
thirunedunthandakam-26  maruvi ninRu  stand there strong,
thirunedunthandakam-26  iyambik kANE  try to tell Him
thirunedunthandakam-26  iRaiyE  a little bit, that
thirunedunthandakam-26  Or mAdhu  one female
thirunedunthandakam-26  nin nayandhAL enRu  is being interested in You,
thirunedunthandakam-27  sem kAla mada nArAy  Oh crane having reddish legs!
thirunedunthandakam-27  inRE senRu  Going today itself
thirunedunthandakam-27  thiruk kaNNapuram pukku  and entering thirukkaNNapuram
thirunedunthandakam-27  uraiththi Agil  If you would tell
thirunedunthandakam-27  en sem kaN mAlukku  one with lotus eyes, and who is in love with me, 
thirunedunthandakam-27  en thuNaivarkku  and who is my companion, that is sowripperumAL,
thirunedunthandakam-27  en kAdhal  about my interest in Him,
thirunedunthandakam-27  idhu oppadhu inbam illai  there would be no other happiness like this
thirunedunthandakam-27  emakku  to me (who is suffering due to separation).
thirunedunthandakam-27  Favour I could do for you in return is  
thirunedunthandakam-27  tharuvan  I will give
thirunedunthandakam-27  eedhu  this
thirunedunthandakam-27  paingAnam ellAm  full area of garden,
thirunedunthandakam-27  unadhE Aga  making it fully yours
thirunedunthandakam-27  nALum  for all the time that you are alive, and
thirunedunthandakam-27  kavarndhu uNNath  for you to pick, and eat
thirunedunthandakam-27  meen  fish
thirunedunthandakam-27  pazhanam  in the water of the land;
thirunedunthandakam-27  thandhAl  After I give you so,
thirunedunthandakam-27  un pedaiyum neeyum  your wife and you
thirunedunthandakam-27  ingE vandhu  come to this place and 
thirunedunthandakam-27  inidhu irundhu  be with happiness
thirunedunthandakam-27  iru nilaththil  in (this) big land
thirunedunthandakam-27  inidhu inbam eydhalAm  and attain utmost happiness.
thirunedunthandakam-28  thOzhee!  Oh friend!
thirunedunthandakam-28  senRu  (He who) went (there and won, as the),
thirunedunthandakam-28  araN  forts
thirunedunthandakam-28  sidhari  got destroyed
thirunedunthandakam-28  thennilakai  in the beautiful lankA,
thirunedunthandakam-28  avuNan mALA  and also rAvaNan got destroyed;
thirunedunthandakam-28  ulagam mUnRinaiyum thirundhu  and who spanned all the three worlds by His steps (during thrivikrama avathAr),
thirunedunthandakam-28  Or thErAl Urndha  He who conducted using a chariot,
thirunedunthandakam-28  bArathaththai mALa  for everyone to be destroyed in the mahAbhAratha war
thirunedunthandakam-28  man ilangu  that was having bright presence of kings;
thirunedunthandakam-28  varai uruvin mA kaLiRRai  that is, emperumAn who is big like an elephant in form like a mountain,
thirunedunthandakam-28  pUttik koNdu  (I will) tie (Him in)
thirunedunthandakam-28  en than  my
thirunedunthandakam-28  pon ilangu mulaik kuvattil  pillars that are the bosom that are beautiful like gold,
thirunedunthandakam-28  pOgAmai vallEnAy  and become able to stop and prevent from going away,
thirunedunthandakam-28  pulavi eydhi  and go through all the sorrows in front of Him which I went through in His absence,
thirunedunthandakam-28  ennil angam ellAm vandhu inbam eydha  for all the parts of my body to come to me and become happy,
thirunedunthandakam-28  nAn  I (would)
thirunedunthandakam-28  ninaindhu  think about Him only
thirunedunthandakam-28  eppozhudhum  at all times,
thirunedunthandakam-28  urugi iruppan  and die, so I can survive by escaping from sorrows of separation.
thirunedunthandakam-29  araiyan thannai  Him who is a leader
thirunedunthandakam-29  Ayar kulam magaLukku  for nappinnai pirAtti who incarnated as the best woman for the clan of cowherds,
thirunedunthandakam-29  anRu  once upon a time,
thirunedunthandakam-29  alai kadalai kadaindhu  Him who churned the milky ocean having waves splashing,
thirunedunthandakam-29  adaiththa ammAn thannai  Him, the lord who constructed bridge (in salty ocean),
thirunedunthandakam-29  kunRadha vali  having blemishless strength 
thirunedunthandakam-29  arakkar kOnai mALa  that is, rAvaNan to die,
thirunedunthandakam-29  kodum silai vAy  Him who in the grave bow
thirunedunthandakam-29  saram thurandhu  set the arrows and shot them
thirunedunthandakam-29  kulam kaLaindhu venRAnai  and destroyed the clan of asuras and won,
thirunedunthandakam-29  thOLinAnai  Him who is having shoulders
thirunedunthandakam-29  kunRu eduththa  that lifted the gOvardhana mountain as an umbrella,
thirunedunthandakam-29  nALum ninRAnai  Him who is living forever
thirunedunthandakam-29  viri thirai neer viNNagaram maruvi  well set in thiruviNNagar that is full of water bodies having waves,
thirunedunthandakam-29  kidandha mAlai  Him who is in the dear one being in reclined position
thirunedunthandakam-29  thaN kudandhai  in the cool place of thirukkudandhai,
thirunedunthandakam-29  nediyAnai  Him, the perumAL who is the most eminent that others,
thirunedunthandakam-29  nAy adiyEn  I who am a lowly one like a dog,
thirunedunthandakam-29  ninaindhittEn  thought about  Him.
thirunedunthandakam-30  ammAn thannai  About sarvESvaran
thirunedunthandakam-30  veLippaduththa  who brought out,
thirunedunthandakam-30  aru maRaiyai  the vEdhas that are difficult to obtain,
thirunedunthandakam-30  annam Ay   incarnating in the form of bird hamsam (swan),
thirunedunthandakam-30  munivarOdu ama rar Eththa  as saints and dhEvas praised,
thirunedunthandakam-30  kaliyan  thirumangai AzhvAr,
thirunedunthandakam-30  mannu mA maNi mAda mangai vEndhan  who is the head of thirumangai that has got strong and best buildings,
thirunedunthandakam-30  mAnam vEl  and who is having the army that is spear,
thirunedunthandakam-30  parakAlan  and who is like yaman for other philosophies,
thirunedunthandakam-30  (kaliyan prayed)
thirunedunthandakam-30  minnumA mazhai thavazhum mEga vaNNA  Oh One having form like a cloud that is cool and crawling and is with lightning!
thirunedunthandakam-30  viNNavar tham perumAnE  Oh! the head of nithyasUris!
thirunedunthandakam-30  aruLAy  You should show your mercy (on me)!
thirunedunthandakam-30  enRu sonna  praying so and divined
thirunedunthandakam-30  panniya  very detailed
thirunedunthandakam-30  thamizh nUl  thamizh SAsthram
thirunedunthandakam-30  mAlai  in the form of garland of words;
thirunedunthandakam-30  vallAr thAm  those who can recite it,
thirunedunthandakam-30  ariya vallAr  they would be able to remove
thirunedunthandakam-30  pazha vinaiyai  earlier karmas
thirunedunthandakam-30  thollai  of eternal past
thirunedunthandakam-30  mudhal  completely along with any scent of it.

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