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Govindaraja Perumal, Thiru Chitrakoodam (inside the premises of Thillai  Nataraja Temple), Chidhambaram | Lord vishnu, Vishnu, Rama lord

Previously, AzhwAr said that emperumAn is present in thiruvahindhrapuram to be easily approachable by devotees. As his nature is this, AzhwAr says to those who desire to eliminate this body which is the hurdle and reach bhagavAn “You need not torture your body and engage in other sAdhanams; just surrender to thiruchchithrakUtam”. As said in periya thirumadal “mannum azhal nugarndhum vaN thadaththin utkidandhum” (Consuming the well settled fire and remaining in a cool pond), AzhwAr is saying that one need not remain amidst the five types of fires during summer season, one need not immerse in a very cold pond during winter, remaining in those ponds to have algae forming on one’s body, torturing one’s body in this manner, drinking only water, consuming only air, consuming vegetables, roots and fruits and performing penance; he is instructing others saying “emperumAn who naturally protects during the dangers of total deluge etc without any expectation, and incarnates as rAma, krishNa et al when rAvaNa, hiraNya et al lead to suffering; such sarvESvaran who is Sriya:pathi and is protecting everyone in all manners, is present in thiruchchithrakUtam; as one reaches that abode, one’s sins will be eliminated and hence one can easily attain him. Hence you immediately go to that dhivyadhESam and surrender unto him”

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