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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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ambaram anal kAl nilam salamAgi ninRa amarar kOn
vambulAm alar mEl mali mada mangai than kozhunan avan
kombin anna idai madak kuRa mAdhar nIL idhaNandhoRum
sembunam avai kAval koL thiruvEngadam adai nenjamE!

Word-by-Word meanings

ambaram – ether
anal – fire
kAl – air
nilam – earth
salam – water, these five elements
Agi ninRa – one who remained as
amarar – for nithyasUris
kOn – being the lord
vambu – fragrance
ulAm – blowing
malar mEl – on the lotus flower
mali – remaining firm
madam – being full with the quality of humility
mangai than – for periya pirAtti
kozhunan avan – sarvESvaran, who is the divine consort, where he eternally resides
kombu anna – like a creeper
idai – waist
madam – having humility
kuRa mAdhar – the women of the hilly region
nIL – tall
idhaNamdhoRum – from every watch-tower
sem – reddish
punam avai – dry lands
kAval koL – protecting
thiruvEngadam – thirumalA
adai nenjamE – Oh mind! Reach there.

Simple translation

Being the five elements namely ether, fire, air, earth and water, being the lord of nithyasUris, being the divine consort of periya pirAtti who remains firmly on the fragrant lotus flower and who is full with the quality of humility, sarvESvaran eternally resides in thirumalA where the humble women of the hilly region who have creeper like waist, remain in every watch tower and protect the reddish dry lands. Oh mind! Reach there.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

ambaram … – AzhwAr is speaking about emperumAn having the universe as his body.

amararkOn – With this, emperumAn having a distinguished form and being the lord of nithyasUris who are devoid of any blemish, is explained.

vambulA – AzhwAr is speaking about emperumAn and pirAtti granting their divine audience to nithyasUris, in paramapadham. One who is very dear to the periya pirAttiyAr who has the ever-fresh lotus flower as her residence.

kombu … – The women of hilly region who have creeper like waist and noble qualities. They stay in the tall watch-towers.

sem punam … – Since it is dry land, sem implies the reddish colour which is the natural aspect of this land. thirumalA where the grains will become ripe and fall down and they need to be protected from parrots and pigeons.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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