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AzhwAr said in periya thirumozhi 1.6.9onbadhu vAsal thAnudaik kurambaip piriyumbOdhu undhan saraNamE saraNam enRirundhEn” (While leaving this body which is a house where flesh is placed in between as wall, bone is planted as pillar, being covered with hair, and having nine entrances, I considered to have your highness’ divine feet only as refuge); AzhwAr was asked “Why are you speaking about your firm surrender only? When prahlAdha became helpless, he vowed bhagavAn’s presence and at that time of vowing and at the same place, did I not appear and eliminate his hurdles? That too, not just for [those who lived during] that time, but not to be lost even for others who are of subsequent times, was it not done for all devotees as said in iraNdAm thiruvandhAdhi 61unnaip piramANiththAr peRRa pERu‘ (the great benefit that all those who believed you, got)? Thus, I have arrived at singavEL kunRam (ahObilam) for those who are like you, and your arrival and enjoying me are only pending. This being the case, why are you just speaking about your surrender?” and manifested his presence in singavEL kunRam. Seeing that emperumAn is mercifully present along with pirAttiyAr (SrI mahAlakshmi) who is purushakAra bhUthA (recommends and unites jIvAthmA with paramAthmA) and thinking about, AzhwAr became blissful. Since it is the abode of the most desirable emperumAn, everything present there being desirable, AzhwAr sets out to enjoy along with his heart saying “How very safely emperumAn is mercifully residing there, to be not approached by anyone [unfavourable]”

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