thiruvAimozhi – 8.5 – mAyakkUththA

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Highlights from thirukkurukaippirAn piLLAn‘s introduction

See nampiLLai’s introduction.

Highlights from nanjIyar‘s introduction

See nampiLLai’s introduction.

Highlights from vAdhi kEsari azhagiya maNavALa jIyar‘s introduction

In the fifth decad, previously AzhwAr became blissful after having confidentially enjoyed emperumAn‘s divine physical beauty etc starting with thiruvAimozhi 8.4.7thiruchcheyya kamalak kaNNum” (divine reddish lotus like eyes), as if seeing physically, as emperumAn mercifully stood in thiruchchengunRUr; while he desired to enjoy emperumAn externally with that same beauty, he did not get to do that and hence became anguished, and highlighted the following aspects:

  1. his enjoyable, overwhelming beauty
  2. his beautiful hair, which eliminates ones sorrow
  3. his distinguished magnanimity
  4. his merciful resting on the ocean to help his devotees
  5. his being a companion during dangers
  6. his attractive nature
  7. his union with everyone
  8. his partiality towards his devotees
  9. his accepting all kinds of service from a single devotee
  10. his being easily approachable by his devotees yet being difficult to know

AzhwAr meditating upon these aspects, being unable to enjoy such emperumAn as he desired, being greatly anguished, explains his sorrow. Implies that ISvara manifested such desire in AzhwAr towards him, to eliminate the hurdles which are present to enjoy him.

Highlights from periyavAchchAn piLLai‘s introduction

See nampiLLai‘s introduction.

Highlights from nampiLLai‘s introduction

In the previous two decads, AzhwAr became anguished thinking bhagavAn is going to be harmed and destroyed by others [subsequently he became pacified]; here, AzhwAr is trying to destroy bhagavAn by his anguished, loud cry. In the previous decad, AzhwAr realised that there are devotees who care for bhagavAn, was relieved of his fear and enjoyed his beauty; that beauty, became well settled in his heart as said in thiruvAimozhi 8.4.8thigazha en sindhaiyuL irundhAn“, desired to enjoy him externally and having not acquired such experience, he became greatly anguished thinking “my previous sorrows were nothing; those previous sorrows are only a small portion of the current sorrow”, suffering as if surrounded by forest fire, having senses which are even more anguished than himself, cried out loudly saying “your should appear with your divine limbs to eliminate all my fatigue, you should come with your divine crown, you should come like a cloud, you should come with a beautiful form, and you should come with the great radiance of a rising sun during dawn”. As emperumAn did not appear in front of AzhwAr, he completes the decad with great anguish thinking that it is better to perish than living like this.

Each pAsuram is discussed subsequently.

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