thiruvAimozhi – 4th centum

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paramapadhamFocus of this centum – niyanthruthva – bhagavAn’s control/governance over everyone

Highlights from vAdhi kEsari azhagiya maNavALa jIyar‘s introduction

After explaining exclusive engagement/enjoyment of chEthana (sentient being) who is bhagavath SEsha bhUtha (servitor of bhagavAn) with bhagavAn in third centum, AzhwAr sets out to explain such jIvAthmA‘s exclusive affection towards bhagavAn in this fourth centum. He mercifully explains the following aspects (in each decad):

  1. the exclusive enjoyment of bhagavAn by AthmA due to the greatness of bhagavath prApthi (attaining of bhagavAn) in comparison to the temporary and insignificant aiSwarya (worldly wealth/control) and kaivalya (eternal self-enjoyment)
  2. the lengthy desire of AthmA to enjoy bhagavAn due to bhagavAn’s variegated enjoyable nature
  3. the manner in which Isvara affectionately united with such AthmA to enjoy the AthmA and the AthmA’s properties such as body etc
  4. due to [subsequent] lack of enjoyment, the grief acquired on seeing objects that exactly resemble and remind bhagavAn
  5. the great bliss acquired by the enjoyer (AthmA) in praising bhagavAn who united to remove the grief
  6. the strong bondage of AthmA with bhagavAn which makes one unable to tolerate the contact of others even in separation from bhagavAn and considering that the binding with bhagavAn is the only thing that will pacify the AthmA
  7. the great weakening of self due to desiring to enjoy the qualities of the enjoyable bhagavAn
  8. that the AthmA and the properties of AthmA which are not acknowledged by bhagavAn, are to be given up
  9. that the ultimate goal is the divine feet of the lord of SrI mahAlakshmi after the greatly unbearable worldly bondage is eradicated
  10. that the kainkaryam (service) to the lord who is greater than all, is the best and apt goal

With these aspects, AzhwAr explains jIvAthmA‘s exclusive affection towards bhagavAn.

We will see each thiruvAimozhi (decad) in detail.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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