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SlOkam 6

Mrunalathanthu santhana samsthana dhavaladhvisha |
Sobhitham yajnasuthrena nabhibhinbha sanbhina ||

Word to word meaning

  • Mrunalathanthu santhana samsthana dhavaladhvisha – glittering  white like the continuous  thread in the fibrous root of lotus,
  • nabhibhinbha sanbhina – possessing the circle shaped navel,
  • yajnasuthrena – by the sacred thread (yajnasutram), _
  • Sobhitham – adorned by…


In this Sloka, he describes the sacred thread (yajnopaveeta) adorned over  the chest.  Dattatreya says that the white sacred thread must be prepared with fresh cotton.  Medhathiti, a learned commentator on Manusmriti, also says that saints must have teeth, jalapavitra (water strainer) and sacred thread – all the three to be always maintained in  pure white form. Maharishis say that the following are different names  of sacred thread: upavitham (Invested with the sacred thread), brahmasutra (sacred thread worn over the shoulder), sutram (thread), yajnopaveetham (sacred thread) and devalakshyam (brahmanical cord). – the singular word denotes that saint’s sacred thread is a combination  of three  strings. The sages Vyasa and Bharathwaja  stipulated one thread  for sanyasi, for brahmachari  also only one thread  attached with a piece of deer skin and for the house holder (grahastha) and a religious hermit (vanaprasthan) who lives with his wife and doing penance in the forest, there has to be  another thread in the form of  upper garment,  in addition to two threads; so in total three threads  have to be adorned.  It is to be  noted that Maharishis say that one whose  thread extends only up to upper part of navel will have  short lifespan; one whose  thread  extends below the navel, will lose his acquired powers.  Hence, knowledgeable person will have  the thread just up to navel.

Translation by Dr M Varadarajan

Source: http://divyaprabandham.koyil.org/index.php/2015/09/purva-dhinacharya-tamil-6/

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