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SlOkam 5

Amlana  komalakaram athamra vimalambaram |
Apeenavipuloraskam ajanubhujabhushanam ||

Word to word meaning

  • Amlana  komalakaram  – His divya mangala vigraha is like the unwithered  flower,
  • athamra vimalambaram – dressing thick red with pure cloth of saffron,
  • Apeenavipula uraskam  – with great widely extended chest,
  • ajanubhujabhushanam  hands extended upon knee, like jewel for the body……..


In this Sloka, Erumbiappa experiences the softness of divya mangala vigraha of Mamunigal and suitable cloth for sainthood and other beauties of body. The flower is softer than a Mimosa flower. In the above Sloka, it is said that the feet is so soft and in this Sloka, the divya mangala vigraha is also soft.  Mamunigal is the reincarnation of Tiruvananthalwan.  Some say that amlana means Mimosa flower. The clothes suitable for a saint will be in red colour. Like milky ocean, Mamunigal’s Divya Mangala Vigraha is pure white and the red coloured clothes enrich beauty further. Apeenavipuloraskam – the nature of Uttama Purusha is to possess raised chest widely extended. ajanubhujabhushanam  – Here it is mentioned that he possesses  lengthy hands that extend up to his knee which is true.

Translation by Dr M Varadarajan

Source: http://divyaprabandham.koyil.org/index.php/2015/09/purva-dhinacharya-tamil-5/

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