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SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

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Poets would usually bring out the speciality of each place and glorify the same; unlike that, AzhwArs who speak the truth, explain certain aspects about dhivyadhESams which are dear to empeumAn and we don’t see what were highlighted by them; the reason for that is – we should know that there is no boundary to their love; though one’s son may be ugly, due to love, he will appear more beautiful than the children of others; similarly, as there is no boundary for their pleasure and these pAsurams are on sarvESvaran who can be glorified in any manner, there is no concern. Since there is no boundary for love which is the cause, there is no shortcoming in having everything occurring as a result of that.

Previously, AzhwAr meditated upon emperumAn who is present in paramESvara viNNagaram where even pallava king who has abundance of rajO guNam, surrendered . Unlike that, AzhwAr meditated upon emperumAn being present in thirukkOvalUr where he is upAsya (target of upAsana) for brAhmaNas who are filled with sathva guNam, and who continuously perform activities matching self’s varNam and ASramam as part of their worshipping of bhagavAn; instead of considering bhagavAn to be antharyAmi of dhEvathAs and surrendering unto him in that manner, just as emperumAn would eliminate the deluge which occurs occasionally and protect the same, and would present himself to the nithyasUris to be seen by them always, for those favourable ones who surrender unto him only, since this thiruvahIndhrapuram is the abode where he is standing, to understand and see everything he has and surrender unto him who is immeasurable to be measured thinking “He is in this state”; thinking such abode to be the goal, AzhwAr is meditating upon the same and enjoying it  since there is no boundary for estimating him.

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