periya thiruvandhAdhi – 40 – vAyppO idhu oppa

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In order to ensure that his heart does not step back again, thinking of its unsuitability, AzhwAr tells his heart “Do not make an attempt at going away from emperumAn again, when you have an opportunity to speak about him and spend your time purposefully”.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

vAyppO idhu oppa maRRillai vA nenjE
pOyppOy vennaragil pUviyEl thIppAla
pEyththAy uyir kalAyppAluNdu avaLuyirai
mAyththAnai vAzhththE vali

Word by Word Meanings

vA nenjE – Oh heart! Come [and hear me]
idhu oppa – equivalent to this
vAyppu – opportunity
maRRu illai – there is none
pOyppOy – separating a great deal
vennaragil – in the cruel hell (of separation)
pUviyEl – do not make me enter
thIppAla – one who had cruel nature
pEy thAy – the demon pUthanA, who had the form of a loving mother
uyir – (her) life
pAl kalAy uNdu – drinking after mixing it with milk
avaL uyirai mAyththAnai – one who destroyed her life
vAzhththE – praising
vali – is strength (for us)


vAyppO idhu oppa maRRillai vA nenjE– Oh heart! Come and hear me. There is no other opportunity like this to speak about him and spend the time purposefully.

pOyppOy vennargail pUviyEl – In line with your nature, do not think of your unsuitability (for being with emperumAn) and go away from emperumAn which is equivalent to pushing me into cruel hell. Did not sIthA pirAtti too mercifully say in SrI rAmAyaNam ayOdhyA kANdam 30-18 “yas thvayA saha sa svargO nirayO yasthvayA vinA I ithi jAnan parAm prIthim gachcha rAma mayA saha II” (Oh SrI rAma, my benefactor! Being with you only is heaven for me. Being separated from you only is hell for me. Knowing (my) great love like this, come with me (to the forest))!

thIppAla pEyththAy uyir kalAyppAluNdu aval uyirai mAyththAnai vAzhththuvadhE vali – our strength is only to praise him [emperumAn] who mixed the life of cruel pUthanA with her milk, which she offered when she came in the form of his mother, and destroyed her life.

vAzhththE vali – we can also construe this to mean – be courageous enough to praise.

We will take up the 41st pAsuram next.

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