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AzhwAr was asked “You say that it is only because everything is dependent on sarvESvaran’s sankalpa (vow of emperumAn) that he is the causative factor for all. But in vEdhas prevalent in samsAram, it is very well known that brahmA is the creator, rudhra is the destroyer and various other deities are carrying out very important tasks. Will they not be causative entities?” to which he says in this pAsuram “if emperumAn is not their antharyAmi (indwelling soul) all their greatness will disappear without a trace”. Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

agaippil manisarai ARu samayam
pugaiththAn porukadal neervaNNan ugaikkumEl
eththEvar vAlAttum evvARu seygaiyum
appOdhu ozhiyum azhaippu

Word for Word Meanings

porukadalneer vaNNan – sarvESvaran who has the complexion of ocean water with waves lapping
agaippu il manisarai – people who do not have distinction of being knowledgeable
ARu samayam – in the (lowly) six philosophies
pugaiththAn – made them get caught
ugaikkum El – if he remains indifferent (towards them)
appOdhu – at that time itself
eththEvar vAlAttum – the ego of whichever deity
evvARu seygaiyum – the various deeds carried out towards them as worship (such  as rituals etc)
azhaippu – the invocations of these deities (in such rituals)
ozhiyum – will disappear


agaippil manisarai – jIvAthmAs (sentient entities) like you, with low level of knowledge, who do not understand how much ever is instructed. agaippurising; greatness in knowledge.

agaippil manisarai – jIvAthmAs who have no distinction about their knowledge – those who do not have any high level of intelligence about them.

ARu samayam pugaiththAnemperumAn ensured that they were trapped in the six different philosophies. ARu samayambhaudhdha, naiyAyika, vaiSEshika, jaina, sAnkya, yOga philosophies established by sAkya, ulUkya, akshapAdha, kshapaNa, kapila and pathanjali respectively. Instead of naiyAyika and yOga philosophies, chArvAka and pAsupatha philosophies are included by some.

pugaiththAn – just as hunters, in forests, while trying to get animals which have hidden themselves in dense bushes, will set fire to trash so that the frightened animals will come out of bush and be caught by the hunters, emperumAn sets up the smokescreen of other philosophies and traps jIvAthmAs in samsAram.

agaippil pugaiththAn – For those caught in smoke, will the path be visible? AzhwAr says that it is because of this reason that samsAris are still holding on to other deities despite being told repeatedly about emperumAn.

porukadal neervaNNan ugaikkumEl – if emperumAn, who has a complexion which will comfort the eyes of those who see him, turns out to be indifferent… it is well nigh impossible for someone who, like the ocean, keeps giving away whatever is asked for by the needy. However, if water were to turn into fire; if emperumAn becomes indifferent…

eththEvar vAlAttum ozhiyum – the vanity of all those dhEvas (celestial entities) who roam around with the pride of a group of monkeys will disappear. Dogs wag their tail (vAlAttum) when they feel proud about themselves; thus, the term wagging the tail implies pride. Don’t these dhEvathas also feel proud saying ISvarOham (I am ISvaran, the controller of everyone else)?

evvARu azhaippuchcheygaiyum ozhiyum – the invitations extended to these deities when a ritual is performed, such as indhramAvahayAmi, sOmamAvahayAmi (I invoke the presence of indhra, I invoke the presence of sOma) etc and the offerings made to them such as indhrAyasvAhA, varunAyasvAhA etc will disappear. Alternatively…

evvARu seygaiyum ozhiyum – the rituals which the jIvAthmAs carry out to worship these dhEvathAs will themselves disappear.

azhaippu ozhiyum – The invitations extended to the dhEvas during rituals to partake the offerings made with the words svAhA will disappear.

eththEvar vAlAttum evvARu seygaiyum azhaippum ozhiyum – the pride of these dhEvathAs, the activities indulged in by these dhEvathAs such as thripuradhahanam (burning of the three towns) etc and the invitations extended to them by jIvAthmAs in their rituals will disappear.

appOdhu ozhiyum – instead of waiting for some time, all these will disappear the moment emperumAn becomes indifferent to these deities.

We will take up the 39th pAsuram next.

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