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AzhwAr says that emperumAn’s beauty will make him too, who has the ability to advise his divine mind, to be bewildered. He also recounts the mercy that he received due to emperumAn’s connection with pirAtti and says that this is exclusive for him.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

niRam kariyan seyya nedumalrAL mArvan
aRam periyan Ar adhu aRivAr maRam purindha
vALarakkan pOlvAnai vAnavarkOn thAnaththu
nIL irukkaikkuyththAn neRi

Word by Word Meaning

niRam kariyan – (like dark clouds which have filled up water) the dark coloured
seyya nedu malrAL mArvan – emperumAn who has periya pirAtti, who is reddish in complexion and who resides in an expansive lotus, on his chest
aRam periyan – he is very generous in his mercy
maRam purindha – one who was inimical
vAL arakkan pOlvAnai – mahAbali, who was like the warrior demon rAvaNa

(even though he too should have been beheaded like rAvaNa, not doing that)
vAnavar kOn thAnaththu – in svargam, the land of dhEvEndhra (the Lord of celestial entities)
nIL irukkaikku – enabling him to live for a long time
neRi – in pAthALa lOkam (nether world)
uyththAn – emperumAn who sent him there
adhu – his mercy
Ar aRivAr – who is capable to estimate?


niRam kariyanemperumAn has a divine physical beauty which will remove all the anguish of his followers. He has the capability to remove their fatigue.

seyya nedumalarAL mArvan – he has the divine chest in which pirAtti, who, like a lightning amidst cloud, having reddish complexion which is the exact opposite of emperumAn’s dark complexion, resides always.

aRam periyan – due to his being together with her, he is always merciful.

seyya nedumalarAL mArvan aRam periyan – the reason for emperumAn’s mercy is pirAtti. The reason for pirAtti’s wealth is emperumAn.

Ar adhu aRivAr – none knows this secret. It is like the nineteenth language which no one knows. Only AzhwArs and their followers, AchAryars, know this.

Ar adhu aRivAr – who knows his inner mind and external disposition? There is no one who knows emperumAn completely.

maRam purindha vALarakkan pOlvAnai – mahAbali who is cruel like rAvaNa. Both of them had the quality of considering emperumAn’s possession as theirs. While rAvaNa seized his consort sIthAppirAtti, mahAbali took hold of his world. Thus, mahAbali is apt to be beheaded like rAvaNa. However, the reason for leaving aside mahAbali unlike rAvaNa who was beheaded, was because of the little bit of magnanimity that he had.

vAnavarkOn thAnaththu nILirukkaikku uyththAn neRiemperumAn, with his grace, kept mahAbali in pAthAla lOkam (nether world) which is superior to indhra’s kingdom since he felt “why should mahAbali, who had a desire in kingdom, lose it? Why should he seize indhra’s kingdom and why should I obtain it in an improper way? Let me give him his kingdom in a proper way”. Who would indeed know emperumAn’s nature since he kept mahAbali in pAthAla lOkam where he could stay for a very long time unlike indhralOkam where he could lose out indhra’s kingdom to someone else like indhra lost and feel miserable? neRiyAlE uyththAn would also mean his natural quality (through grace). Was his nature such that anyone would have known? SrIvishNu purANam 5-17-30 says “thadhAmarathvam thridha SAthipathyam manvantharam pUrNamapEtha Sathru:” (mahAbali  attained the position of dhEvEndhra, ruling the three worlds for one manvantharam, without enemies). Who will know the mercy of emperumAn who kept mahAbali in pAthala lOkam so that he could attain the position of indhra?

We shall take up the 53rd pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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