iraNdAm thiruvandhAdhi – 51 – madhikkaNdAy nenjE

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AzhwAr, thinking about how he had slipped from the correct way [of calling out to emperumAn] tells his heart “Oh heart! You enjoy his beauty etc separately in a steady way unlike me who became emotional”. He says that he will think about emperumAn through his heart, apart from speaking about him.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

madhikkaNdAy nenjE maNivaNNan pAdham
madhikkaNdAy maRRavan pEr thannai madhikkandAy
pErAzhi ninRu peyarndhu kadal kadaindha
nIrAzhi vaNNan niRam

Word by Word Meaning

nenjE – Oh heart!
maNivaNNan pAdham – the divine feet of emperumAn who has bluish complexion
madhi kaNdAy – think about them
maRRu – also
avan pEr thannai – his divine names
madhi kaNdAy – think of them
pEr Azhi ninRu peyarndhu – awakening from his sleep in thiruppARkadal (milky ocean)
kadal kadaindha – one who churned the ocean (to offer nectar to dhEvas)
nIr Azhi vaNNan niRam – the complexion of emperumAn which is like the colour of ocean
madhi kaNdAy – meditate on it.


madhikkaNdAy nenjE maNivaNNan pAdham – Oh heart! Think of the divine feet of the one who removes fatigue, like a blue gemstone.

maNivaNNan pAdham – Is his divine form forgettable? Fall at his divine feet, having lost out to his beauty.

madhikkaNdAy maRRu avan pEr thannai – not only that, think of his other divine names which refer to his beauty.

madhikkaNdAy – think and try to get uplifted.

pErAzhi ninRu peyarndhu kadal kadaindha – In order to give nectar to dhEvas (celestial entities) as desired by them, emperumAn did not mind getting out of his ocean which was actually his bed and churned the same ocean. He carried out a task for those who did not ask for him but desired ulterior benefit. He churned his own bed since he attained those who came to him and requested him.

nIrAzhi vaNNar niRam – Just like a black ocean churned the white one, emperumAn, who is black in colour, churned the milky ocean. Think of such a beautiful entity. Did he not churn in such a way that the standing ocean churned the lying ocean! One, who has the complexion of ocean, churned the ocean.

niRam madhikkaNdAy – dhEvas thought only of their benefit and did not think of emperumAn who carried out the task for them. Oh heart! Do not indulge in such meanness and think of emperumAn.

We shall take up the 52nd pAsuram next.

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