thiruvezhukURRirukkai – 9

srImathE satakOpAya nama:
srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srImath varavaramunayE nama:

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nin Iradi onRiya manaththAl
oru madhi mugaththu mangaiyar iruvarum malar(a/e)na
am kaiyin muppozhudhum varuda
aRi thuyil amarndhanai


Word by word meaning

oru madhi mugaththu mangaiyar iruvarum – the two pirAttis, srIdhEvi and bHUdhEvi (thirumadanthai, maNmadanthai) with unparalleled divine face like the moon,
onRiya manaththAl – (with their) mind immersed in
nin Ir adi – your two divine feet
muppozhudhum – (they) always
varuda – press/caress (your divine feet)
malar ena am kaiyin – using their beautiful hands that can be said as flowers
aRi thuyil amarndhanai – while you are immersed in meditating sleep (yOga nidhrA).

Simple meaning
thirumangai Azhwar next says that it would be possible for him to enjoy the beauty of emperumAn because of the purushakAram (recommendation) of pirAttis (divine consorts) who because of their beauty are able to make emperumAn listen to their words.
The phrase describes the beauty of the hands of srIdhEvi and bhUdhEvi who at all times carefully caress the lotus feet of emperumAn; emperumAn being in the state of deep thinking, for figuring out how to help the worlds, especially His adiyArs (devotees);
Azhwar concludes that it would not be possible for emperumAn to not help him enjoy emperumAn when there are pirAttis who would make sure of that, with their beauty, age, and service to emperumAn.


nin Iradi . . .thirumangai AzhwAr shows that for getting the benefit of enjoying his beauty, there is also support of able mediation (purushakAra balam).

nin Iradi onRiya manaththAl – with their mind focused on dhEvarIr’s divine feet; by this it shows their ananya bhOgyathvam (not enjoying anything other than emperumAn);

oru madhi mugaththu – unlike the moon seen in this world, their faces are like a complete moon without any blemish, and their faces are pleasant and show how they are drinking the beauty that is emperumAn.

mangaiyar iruvarum – Like said by “thulyasheelavayO vruththAm” [rAmAyaNam – sundhara kANdam 16-5] [she possesses equivalent character, age, and actions (as emperumAn)], and by “yuvathishcha kumAriNI” [she is near the end of young girlhood and near the beginning of womanhood ], they with their suitable age can make emperumAn their bhaktha and a mad lover (like said in “pAr vaNNa mada mangai paththar piththar pani malar mEl pAvaikku” [thirunedunthANdakam 18] ) – such are the two pirAttis – srIdhEvi and bhUdhEvi (thirumadanthai and maNmadanthai).

malar ana am kaiyin – with beautiful hands, as if they touch with flowers; phrase is recited differently too as ‘malar ena am kaiyin’ ; if we try to compare with flowers, their hands are even softer and more beautiful than the flowers; since their hands are soft, colorful and fragrant, it is not possible to provide a comparison for them, is the concept here. //  Like said by: “chandhra kAnthAnanam rAmam athIva priyadharshanam” [rAmAyaNam ayOdhyA kANdam 3-29] [sweet like the moon, appearing sweeter than the moon, that is rAman]

muppozhudhum varuda – During all the three times – future, current, and past (edhir, nigazh, kazhivu), they caress emperumAn’s divine feet with so much hesitation (to avoid disturbing the delicate and beautiful lotus feet) as said in “vadivu iNai illA malar magaL maRRai nila magaL pidikkum mel adi” [thiruvAimozhi 9-2-10].

aRi thuyil amarndhanai – As You keep thinking while lying down, “how to save the whole world, especially how to save his devotees?”,  you are in such a state that you would not get up even if arrows are thrown at You!

nin Iradi … mangaiyar iruvarum … adi varuda” – by this it implies thirumangai AzhwAr saying, “It is not possible for adiyEn to not get the benefit (You) due to any lack of mediators/recommendation (purushakAram) (since both pirAttis are there).”

aRi thuyil amarndhanai” – “It is not possible for adiyEn to not get the benefit (You) because of any lack in Your part of thinking of saving your devotee (since you are always thinking about saving everyone)”.

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Translation by raghuram srInivAsa dAsan

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