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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

AzhwAr is saying that the abode where emperumAn who came as the protector by incarnating in many forms and is present for the sake of those who are subsequent to those incarnations, to not lose out, is SrIrangam.


Enam mIn AmaiyOdu ariyum siRu kuRaLumAyth
thAnumAya tharaNith thalaivan idam enbarAl
vAnum maNNum niRaiyap pugundhu INdi vaNangum nal
thEnum pAlum kalandhu annavar sEr thennarangamE

Word-by-Word meanings

vAnum – nithyasUris (ever liberated) who are in paramapadham
maNNum – samsAris (materialistic people) who are on earth
niRaiya – to fill
pugundhu – came and entered
INdi – gathered together
vaNangum – as they surrender (at that time)
nal – sweet
thEnum – honey
pAlum – milk
kalandhannavar – the devotees who remain as a single entity with same taste
sEr – reached
then arangam – beautiful dhivyadhESam named SrIrangam
Enam – as mahA varAha [huge, wild boar]
mIn – in the form of fish
AmaiyOdu – as tortoise
ariyum – as narasimha
siRu – very short
kuRaLum – as vAmana [dwarf]
Ay – one who incarnated
thAnum Aya – having incarnated in a complete manner
tharaNi – for earth
thalaivan – for sarvESvaran who incarnated as chakravarthith thirumagan, the controller
idam enbar – said to be the abode

Simple translation

The dhivyadhESam named SrIrangam where the nithyasUris who are in paramapadham and the samsAris who are on earth have reached and gathered together, came and entered, to fill the abode, where the devotees remain as a single entity with same taste as sweet honey and milk, is said to be the abode of sarvESvaran who incarnated as chakravarthith thirumagan, the controller for earth, and who [had earlier] incarnated as mahAvarAha, a form of fish, narasihma, very short vAmana and himself in a complete manner.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

Enam … – He assumed the form of varAha to lift up the world which was drowned in the deluge, the form of fish which can subside such deluge in its scales, as tortoise which will hold the manthara mountain from falling, instead of taking just a singular form to help, he came as narasimha who joined two unrelated forms and accepted the form of vAmana, where the dwarfs in the world will appear like tall giants in front of him.

thAnumAya – It is said in periya thirumozhi 8.8.10 “munnum irAmanAyth thAnAyp pinnum irAmanAy” (First rAma (paraSurAma), himself and subsequent rAma (balarAma). SrI rAmAvathAram is said to be himself, while others are his partial incarnations. They say that this is the abode where chakravarthith thirumagan who rules over the vast earth is residing.

vAnum … – As the nithyasUris from paramapadham and samsAris from this world entered to fill the place and gathered together, it appears that everyone here is having like-mindedness to be like honey and milk mixed together. It appears like material of same type mixed together instead of different types. Without showing the difference of nithyasUris and samsAris, they will mix freely. When strangers who don’t know each other unite and then leave, they will remain with teary eyes thinking “We are going to separate from each other”.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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