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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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gyAlamuRRum uNdumizhndha nAdhan enRum nAnilam sUzh
vElai anna kOla mEni vaNNan enRum mEl ezhundhu
sEl ugaLum vayal koL nAngaith thEvadhEvan enRenRu Odhi
pAlin nalla menmozhiyAL pArththanpaLLi pAduvALE

Word-by-Word meanings

pAlil – more than milk
nalla – being sweet
mel – soft
mozhiyAL – this girl, who is having speech
gyAlam muRRum – whole earth
uNdu – mercifully consumed (during deluge)
umizhndha – let out (during creation)
nAdhan enRum – saying one who is the lord
nAl nilam – earth which is made of four types of lands
sUzh – surrounding
vElai anna – matching the ocean
kOlam – beautiful
mEni – having complexion
vaNNan enRum – saying one who is having form
sEl – sEl fish
mEl ezhundhu – rising up
ugaLum – jumping
vayal koL – having fertile fields
nAngai – mercifully residing in thirunAngUr
dhEva dhEvan enRu – as dhEvAdhi dhEvan
enRu Odhi – repeatedly saying in this manner
pArththan paLLi pAduvALE – sings about the dhivyadhESam named pArththan paLLi

Simple translation

This girl who is having soft speech which is sweeter than milk is repeatedly saying “the lord who mercifully consumed the whole earth during deluge and who let it out during creation”, “the lord who is having form which is having beautiful complexion matching that of the ocean which is surrounding the earth which is made of four types of lands”, “dhEvAdhi dhEvan who is mercifully residing in thirunAngUr which is having fertile fields where sEl fish are rising up and jumping” and sings about the dhivyadhESam named pArththan paLLi.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

gyAlam … – To be protected by emperumAn, one has to be in danger only, one need not perform any sAdhanAnushtAnam (pursuit of means); he is the lord who gives all kinds of protection – she says. When one is not having anything other than danger, the reason for his protection is the fact that he is the natural lord; the owner will naturally seek and protect his possession.

nAl nilam … – The ocean which is surrounding the earth which is having four types of lands as in neydhal (ocean and areas on the shore), marudham (fertile lands and areas around that), mullai (forest and areas around that), kuRinji (mountain and areas around that); having its form, one who is having beautiful complexion.

mEl ezhundhu … – The sEl fish which are present there would remain without touching the water and will be jumping around. This is the abode where even the aquatic creatures would live joyfully.

pAl … – Sweeter than milk; as sweet as milk. She, who should have him blabber about her being won over by her sweet speech, is incoherently reciting the name of his abode. As said in SrI rAmAyaNam sundhara kANdam 66.15 “madhurA madhurAlApA” (sIthAp pirAtti who is sweet and has sweet speech), he would listen to her speech and incoherently speak about it.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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