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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

AzhwAr says “emperumAn who eliminated the danger caused by kALiyan is mercifully standing in thirumaNimAdak kOyil. Oh heart! You go and enjoy him there”.


thaLaik kattavizh thAmarai vaigu poygaith
thadam pukku adangA vidangAl aravam
iLaikkath thiLaiththittu adhan uchchi than mEl
adi vaiththa ammAnidam mAmadhiyam
thiLaikkum kodi mALigai sUzh theruvil
sezhumuththu veNNeRkenach chenRu munRil
vaLaikkai nuLaip pAvaiyar mARu nAngUr
maNimAdak kOyil vaNangu en mananE!

Word-by-Word meanings

thaLaith thAmarai – unblossomed lotus flower
kattu avizh thAmarai – blossomed lotus flower
vaigu – present
poygaith thadam – in the pond
pukku – entered
adangA – (inside that) without remaining submissive, rising
vidam kAl – ejecting poison
aravam – kALiyan (the snake)
iLaikka – to become weak
thiLaiththittu – played (with it)
adhan uchchi than mEl – on its head
adi vaiththa – placed the divine feet and eliminated its pride
ammAn – sarvESvaran’s
idam – being the abode
vaLaikkai – having hands which are decorated with bangles
nuLaip pAvaiyar – tribal girls [fisher folk]
mA madhiyam – the moon
thiLaikkum – (being unable to cross) to play there
kodi – having flags
mALigai sUzh – surrounded by mansions
theruvil – in the streets
sezhu muththu – huge pearls
veN neRku – for white paddy
ena – saying that they are bartering and going

(since no one is hearing that)
munRil – in front of everyone’s house
senRu mARum – voluntarily going and exchanging
nAngUr – in thirunAngUr
maNi mAdak kOyil – thirumaNimAdak kOyil
en mananE – Oh my heart!
vaNangu – surrender

Simple translation

In the pond where unblossomed and blossomed lotus flowers are present, sarvESvaran entered and played with kALiyan who rose, without remaining submissive and ejected poison; to make kALiyan weak, he played with it to weaken it and placed his divine feet on its head and eliminated its pride. Oh my heart! Surrender unto thirumaNimAdak kOyil in thirunAngUr which is the abode of such sarvESvaran where fisher girls, whose hands are decorated with bangles, are going on the streets which are surrounded by mansions having flags and where the moon is playing, saying that they are bartering white paddy for huge pearls and eventually voluntarily going in front of everyone’s house and exchanging the materials.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

thaLaik kattavizh thAmarai vaigu poygai – unblossomed lotus flower and blossomed lotus flower; entering the banks of the pond where unblossomed lotus flower and blossomed lotus flower are present; or entering the pond.

adangA vidam kAl aravam – not being submissive and rising, spittinging poison, a snake was there – kALiyan; acted to weaken it by playing with it; he placed his divine feet, which were prayed for by AzhwArs to be placed on their heads as said in thiruvAimozhi 10.3.6adichchiyOm thalai misai nI aNiyAy” (Place your divine feet on our heads), on such snake’s head.

ammAn idam – The abode of such sarvESvaran who protects in all ways.

mA madhiyam … – The moon who is roaming around to protect the world, being caught in flags, remained there and would play with those flags; in the streets which are surrounded by mansions which have such flags

sezhu muththu veN neRkena – They [the pearl maerchants] said “Whatever paddy you give is acceptable; these are beautiful pearls”.

veN neRkena – They said “Red paddy is not required; white paddy is sufficient”.

senRu – Due to the abundance of pearls remaining, they will go door to door and sell those. munRil – Entrance.

vaLaik kai nuLaip pAvaiyar mARum – Just as the cowherd girls will decorate themselves and churn curd, the fisher girls too would decorate themselves and go to sell the pearls; in thirunAngUr, where the decorated, tribal girls are roaming around to sell pearls.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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