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AzhwAr enjoyed the great love he acquired towards bhagavAn, through the words of those who were near him [in the previous decad]; that is, previously he enjoyed being present exclusively for vayalAli maNavALan  instead of remaining for her mother and father, through the words of the divine mother [of parakAla nAyaki]; but even after entering thiruvAli and enjoying him there, the attachment he acquired led him to seeking enjoyment of dhivyadhESams just as one would desire to see and touch one’s beloved person. Since he did not get that enjoyment immediately, his divine heart started feeling sorrowful; AzhwAr praised his divine heart and said “His dear abodes (dhivyadhESams) are present here to be enjoyed until we get the ultimate benefit of reaching paramapadham” and orders his divine heart saying “emperumAn is mercifully standing in thirumaNimAdakkOyil where even dhEvathAs who are prayOjanAntharaparas (those who seek other benefits) have the opportunity to pray for the fulfilment of their wishes and where he remains to eliminate all the losses of those who missed to worship him in his various incarnations; you go and enjoy him there”.

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