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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


enganum nAm ivar vaNNam eNNil
Edhum aRigilam EndhizhaiyAr
sangum manamum niRaivum ellAm
tham manavAgap pugundhu thAmum
pongu karungadal pUvai kAyA
pOdhavizh neelam punaindha mEgam
anganam pOnRu ivarAr kol? enna
attabuyakaraththEn enRArE

Word-by-Word meanings

nAm – we
ivar vaNNam – his qualities/aspects
engan – in any which way
eNNilum – try to find out
Edhum – even a little bit
aRigilam – unable to know;
Endhu – decorated
izhaiyAr – helpless girls who are with ornaments, their
sangum – bangle
manamum – mind
niRaivum – humility
ellAm – all of these
tham manavAga – considering to be his
pugundhu – arrived and entered
pongu – very tumultuous
karum – dark
kadal – ocean
pUvai – leaved bilberry tree
kAyA – another tree named kAyA, its flower
pOdhu avizh – blossoming at the right time
neelam – another dark coloured flower named karuneydhal
punaindha – spoken along with these
mEgam – cloud groups
anganam pOnRa – one who resembles those
ivar Ar kol? enna – when asked “Who is he?”
attabuyagaraththEn – I am the lord of thiruvattabuyagaram
enRAr – mercifully said

Simple translation

When we try to find out his qualities/aspects in any which way, we are unable to know even a little bit; he arrived and entered considering all of these aspects such as the bangle, mind, humility of helpless girls who are decorated with ornaments, as his own; he is spoken along very tumultuous dark ocean, pUvai (leaved bilberry) tree, kAyA flower and another dark coloured flower named karuneydhal which blossoms at the right time; when such emperumAn who resembles cloud groups along with previously told aspects, was asked “Who is he?” he mercifully said “I am the lord of thiruvattabuyagaram”.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

enganum … – Not just trying superficially, but even if we try to know him truly, with all our strength, we are unable to know anything.

Endhu izhai … – There are helpless girls who are wearing ornaments to claim the external and internal decorations of others; their bangle, mind, humility – all of these.

tham manavAgap pugundhu – He arrived to claim everything we own to be his.

thAmum … – AzhwAr is explaining the way he made everything his. Since one entity will not be sufficient to explain emperumAn, AzhwAr is gathering many examples. Ocean which is very tumultuous, pUvai, kAyA, freshly blossomed karuneydhal. Cloud which is spoken on a par with these.

anganam pOnRu – Since the highlighted examples don’t match bhagavAn, AzhwAr is saying “Who is the one who is similar to these?”

attabuyagaram – He said “You said that these cause ignorance about me; but am I not the one who has arrived and stood here for you to know about me?”

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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