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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


Uzhiyil peridhAl nAzhigai ennum
    oN sudar thuyinRadhAl ennum
Azhiyum pulambum anRilum uRangA
    thenRalum thIyiniR kodidhAm
thOzhiyO! ennum thuNaimulai arakkum
    sollumin en seygEn? ennum
Ezhai en ponnukku en ninaindhirundhAy?
    idavendhai endhai pirAnE!

Word-by-Word meanings

nAzhigai – nAzhigai duration (24 minutes)
Uzhiyil – more than a kalpa (one day of brahmA)
peridhu – stretching very much
ennum – she told that;
oN – having great radiance
sudar – sun
thuyinRadhu ennum – she will tell that he has set;
Azhiyum – ocean
pulambum – is making noise;
anRilum – anRil bird
uRangA – is not sleeping;
thenRalum – southerly breeze
thIyinil – more than fire
kodidhAm – is blowing in a cruel manner;
thOzhI – Oh friend!
Oh! ennum – will call her saying “Oh”;
thuNai mulai – two nipples
arakkum – will control;
en seygEn – what shall I do
sollumin ennum – she will tell “tell me”;
Ezhai – very desirous
en – one who is born to me
ponnukku – in the matter of this best girl

en ninaindhirundhAy – what are you thinking?

(leaving paramapadham)
idavendhai – having arrived in thiruvidavendhai
endhai pirAnE – Oh lord of my clan!
sollu – You should mercifully speak a word.

Simple translation

My daughter told that one nAzhigai (24 minutes) stretches to be a kalpa (1 day of brahmA); she will tell that the greatly radiant sun has set; ocean is making noise; anRil bird is not sleeping; southerly breeze is blowing in a cruel manner more than fire; she will call her friend saying “Oh!”; she will control her two nipples; she will tell me “What shall I do?” What are you thinking in the matter of this best girl who is born to me? Oh lord of my clan who has arrived in thiruvidavendhai! You should mercifully speak a word.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

Uzhiyil peridhAl nAzhigai ennum – Even kalpa has an end, but these nAzhigais are going in an endless manner. This [nAzhigai] cannot be explained in comparison to anything else, and can only be said as in bruhadhAraNyaka upanishath “nEthi nEthi” (bhagavAn is not of this nature, not of this nature). The order of Uzhi being larger than nAzhigai is gone.

oN sudar thuyinRadhAl ennum – She told that sun who measures the nAzhigai (time) has disappeared. Sun becomes destroyed along with all other items which get destroyed towards the end of the kalpa; unlike then, now, though he is roaming around, his effect is not felt. Sun, who would fully eliminate the sorrows of night (due to separation from loved ones) by his appearance, has not come. It appears that bhagavAn’s orders as said in thaiththirIya upanishath “bhIshOdhEthi sUrya:” (Sun appears due to fear for bhagavAn) have lapsed. Here “thuyil” indicates both sleep and death.

Azhiyum pulambum – As the ocean observed “Sun who is younger to me, is harming her. Why should I remain silent?” and set out to harm parakAla nAyaki. As the greatly powerful ocean loses its strength and makes noise out of fear/sorrow, it reminds her of how bhagavAn in SrI rAmAvathAram, who is most powerful, became weak and spoke with fear/sorrow [in separation from sIthAp pirAtti].

anRilum uRangA – The sleepless state of the anRil bird reminds her of her divine consort (emperumAn) remaining sleepless while being together with her.

thenRalum thIyinil kodidhAm – The coolness of the southerly breeze reminds her of her beloved lord’s touch and harms her. It appears that to reduce the heat of southerly breeze, one should dry it in the fire.

thOzhiyO ennum – [Mother says] I am not fortunate enough to be called out “ammE” (Oh mother!) when she is harmed by something [she only calls her friend]. [parakAla nAyaki says] “Oh evil friend! You told me that everything will become favourable and cool me down, as we unite with him. But you have caused the whole town to show enmity towards me”

But, her youth will not wait when she cries out saying “thOzhiyO“.

thuNai mulai arakkum – As the bosoms start tormenting her saying “Show me what [who] is apt for me”, she will control her bosoms just as the children will cry out “Food! Food!” during famine and will be silenced by saying “Shut your mouth! Shut your mouth!”. periya thirumadal “munnirundhu mUkkinRu” (being present in front of my eyes and ageing more and more), as I witness, my youth is fading. If we are going to lose the youth anyway, why don’t I have my bosoms in my back [at least I won’t see them age]?.

sollumin en seygEn ennum – The torment by the bosoms is much greater than the torment given by southerly breeze etc. When all of those were tormenting, she cried out for her friend. Now, when these bosoms are tormenting her, she is asking everyone including friends, mothers to respond.

Ezhai – Even when told “You won’t get”, she would show desire as if she will get it.

en ponnukku – One who is so great that we cannot let her and her desire be tormented.

idavendhai – What are you, who show your desire through your action [by having bhUmip pirAtti on your left], unlike her who is showing her desire through speech, thinking about it?

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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