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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


sAndhamum pUNum sandhanak kuzhambum
thadamulaikku aNiyilum thazhalAm
pOndha veN thingaL kadhir suda meliyum
porukadal pulambilum pulambum
mAndhaLir mEni vaNNamum ponnAm
vaLaigaLum iRaiNillA endhan
Endhizhai ivaLuku en ninaindhirundhAy?
idavendhai endhai pirAnE!

Word-by-Word meanings

sAndhamum – sandalwood paste mixed with other fragrant materials
pUNum – pearl necklace
sandhanak kuzhambum – sandalwood fluid
thadam mumlaikku – on the huge bosom
aNiyilum – though applied
thazhalAm – it burns like fire;
pOndha – appeared
veL – white
thingaL – moon’s
kadhir suda – as the rays burn
meliyum – she suffered (due to that);
poru – rising waves
kadal – ocean
pulambil – when it makes noise
pulambum – she also calls out;
mAndhaLir – like mango spruce
mEni – divine form’s
vaNNamum – colour
ponnAm – becoming pale;
vaLaigaLum – bangles
iRai – even little bit
nillA – not remaining;
enRan – my
Endhu – worn
izhai – having ornament
ivaLukku – for her
en ninaindhirundhAy – what are you thinking?

(leaving paramapadham)
idavendhai – having arrived in thiruvidavendhai
endhai pirAnE – Oh lord of my clan!
sollu – You should mercifully speak a word.

Simple translation

Though she has decorated herself with sandalwood paste mixed with other fragrant materials, pearl necklace and sandalwood fluid on her huge bosom, it burns like fire; as the rays of the white moon which appeared, burn, she suffered; when the ocean with rising waves makes noise, she also calls out; her divine form’s colour which looks like mango spruce is becoming pale; her bangles are not even remaining a little bit on her; having arrived in thiruvidavendhai, what are you thinking for my daughter who is wearing ornaments? Oh lord of my clan! You should mercifully speak a word.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

sAndhamum … – She has crossed the boundary of being protected by us. Sandalwood paste which was buried under the ground for a long time, pearl necklace and sandalwood fluid.

thada mulaikku aNiyilum – Previously everyone would withdraw thinking “How can we remedy the situation when we don’t know the reason?”; still, since she is continuously suffering, they would think “let us try the methods which are used by everyone and see if there is any remedy” and will try to pamper her with these materials; but these materials will end up burning her more.

pUN – Will pUN refer to pearl necklace? Since the necklace is there to cool her down, it could be said as pearl necklace (which reduces heat). When asked “Is sandalwood paste not a heat producing material?” that is why it is explained to be sandalwood paste which was buried under the ground and cooled. When asked “Would sandalwood paste indicate mixed with fragrant materials?” since this is used to pamper her, it can be said in that manner. This is similar to pUN (ornament) indicating pearl necklace.

sAndhamum … – When an old tree burns, it will burn along with the tree-barks; similarly, she is burning along with the decorations which are applied on her. Just as dry firewood is set on fire, as these materials are applied on her, they burn along with her.

pOndha … – As the rays of the moon appeared just then, she suffered. When the moon’s rays cause heat, nothing else can be done. Now, when she was together with her lord, as said in periya thirumadal “munnam mugizhththa mugil nilA” (the moon with cool rays), the same moon was favourable.

poru kadal – When the waves clash with each other and the ocean makes noise, she will call out like an ocean being in the opposite side, competing with it.

mAndhaLir … – Her complexion which resembled the colour of mango spruce, became pale.

vaLaigaLum iRai nillA – It is not just one bangle which is hanging on the sky (instead of her shoulder). As said in SrIvishNu purANam 5.18.29 “Saithilyam upayAnthyASu karEshu valayAnyapi” (As krishNa left us, our bangles are also leaving us immediately). In comparison with krishNa, they are greatly distinguished. At least krishNa would say “I won’t leave” giving a hint about the separation and leave; they left us immediately.

enRan Endhizhai – My daughter who is decorated with ornaments. The mother is thinking that seeing her daughter decorated with ornaments, will sustain her. [Mother says] It appears that my enjoyment in seeing her with the ornaments will end now.

idavendhai … – Did you come here to make her relinquish her ornaments as said in SrI rAmAyaNam sundhara kANdam 26.5 “naivArthai: na cha bhUshaNai:” (There is no use with wealth or ornaments)? Did you not come here to compensate the loss [for sIthAp pirAtti] which occurred in SrI rAmAvathAram?

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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